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New Member

Kia Ora 🙂

Just looking for information regarding the hapu 'Whanaupani' and 'Ngatamawahine'.

All I have to go with this information is a place name and am guessing it is in Ahipara, 'Waitaha'

Could anyone enlighten me with some insight into their history and marae associations.

Kia Ora

Posted : 16 June, 2007 12:05 pm
hohaia2 OWC
Eminent Member

Tena Koe Ronaia,
Re: Whanaupani
I am of the hapu Te Whanau Pani from Matangirau-Te Touwai up in Whangaroa, Northland. The whanau names associated are many including my mum's whanau, Te Awa & Tupe, and the rellies include Poata [Porter]; Tua; Ropiha; Paora [Pauls]; Urlich; Pomana; Taniwha; Pourewa; Mauahara to name a few.
Our Marae there is Karangahape Marae, and there is a website for this if you do a search.
Hope this is abit helpful.

Ka mihi,
na Hohaia.

Posted : 16 June, 2007 2:08 pm
New Member

Kia Hohaia

Thank you very much for that information. I asked out of curiousity as I was unsure as to where the hapu 'whanaupani' hailed from.

Some of the family names that you mentioned I am familiar with and it has made me smile.

I asked because my grandfathers name, rather invisible at the moment due to him having a number of them, :), cited 'whanaupani' as his iwi or hapu on my mothers death certificate.

Once again, thank you very much for that, your information has opened up a whole new avenue of possiblities for more information.

na Ronaia

Posted : 16 June, 2007 7:01 pm