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Korero under the mahau  

Tarakeha OWC
New Member

Kia ora koutou katoa,

As a little girl growing up on the marae I was really intrigued by the stories that were told by our kuia who sat under the mahau during any gathering at our marae. What I always found was that every story they ever told always resulted in a landmark that still stands today.

Usually whenever I would recall some of the korero I had heard during these gatherings to other whanau within my rohe they too were privvy to the same korero. But what gets me on this forum today is I have one korero that no other person I have come in contact with to this day has ever heard of. I am wondering if someone could share with me versions of the story to follow:

Back in the days when there were the people of the land and the people of the sea, there was the forbidden love of a young warrior who was of the sea and of a beautiful wahine who was of the land.

knowing that there feelings were strong for each other, the young warrior would meet his beautiful wahine only at night. He would then sadly return to his kainga before the dawn of each new day for the fear of turning to stone if caught by the rays of the light.

Meanwhile as you always find in these korero there is always a jealous third party. This third party was another young warrior of the land who had fell madly in love with the beautiful wahine because of the love she had towards this other young warrior from the sea.

Anyway this third party decided he was going to have this beautiful wahine and put a stop to this young warrior of the sea from ever seeing here again. So during the dawning of the new day this young warrior of the land captured this beautiful wahine then told her of his plans and how he was doing this because of his desires for her. With this she began to wail and call for her young warrior of the sea.The young warrior of the sea already had felt the mamae of his fair maiden and was so upset that he could not take it any more so he begun his venture to save his beautiful wahine of the land.

In the brightness of the day he surfaced from the water and headed towards the wailing sounds of his loved one. With every step he took upon the land his body was turning to stone, but he did not care he just kept going.

Meanwhile she could feel him coming and she started to wail harder and longer. she all of a sudden went quiet then turned to the one who held her captive and started to inform him that he was near and that he would die. With this the one who held her captive started to get annoyed with her so he just killed her on the spot.

At this time her young warrior from the sea was nearly upon them and he felt the soul of his loved one leave that he too began to cry. By this time his body had withered down to the finest dust and since he had no reason to carry on he crumbled to the ground. Just as the last tear dropped from his eye so too did hers, this which led to both teardrops meeting and forming the most beautiful diamond the world is yet to see.

Now the land marks this story refers to is the way the rocks breakdown from cape run away to lake taupo. The fine dust refers to the content of the pumice that can be found at the shores of lake taupo. If you take a journey along the coast from cape run away to Opotiki you will see at every bay starting from cape run away to Opotiki the rocks go from boulders, to rocks, to stones, to pebbles, to grit, to sand.

As for the diamond that the world is yet to see it is resting in the heart of lake taupo.

I would appreciate to hear from anyone that has a similar story or even to hear their version of why the rocks breakdown this way.

Posted : 29 January, 2007 1:34 am