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MATEROA re: Te Aitanga a Mate  

georgie OWC
Active Member

Can anyone tell me who and why this person was important. They were obviously important enough for a Hupu to be named after them. It's block wall city on this subject for me so far. MATEROA AS IN TE AITANGA A MATE. Maybe I am just asking the wrong people? Arihia Kane Tamati was one famous decendant of this hapu and there are bound to be loads of others so if anyone can help again thank you.

Posted : 02 July, 2006 3:56 am
pono OWC
Eminent Member

Tena koe georgie
I'm surprised by your post!
Two names you've mentioned materoa and arihia sounds connected.
I'm not too sure either may have a links there.

Does any the names help?
? materoa upoko arihia arikinui tamatea ?

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Posted : 02 July, 2006 1:00 pm
Panipani OWC
Active Member

Kia Ora My Cuzin Georgie, Just in case you didn't get my email this is what I have found out, for us. LOL

Our whanau Whakapapa goes back 20 generations to Porourangi. Most of our Whakapapa interlink with each other meaning whanau with whanau. As you will learn when you go deeper into the Whakapapa. This is how you read the Whakapapa line; Porourangi child is Hau, Hau child is Rakaipo, Rakaipo child is Rakaiwetenga and so on…

Rakaimoehau ~m~ Tangihaere
Poroumata ~m~ Whaene
Materoa ~m~ Te Rangitarewa *
Tamaihu ~m~ Hinepare
Tutehurutea ~m~ Uetuhiao **
Kuku ~m~ Hinekahukura (Te Whanau A Apanui) ***
Te Rangitawaea ~m~ Kirimamae
Rongo-I-Te-Kai ~m~ Hinewairere **
Tuameko ~m~ Kokotakato (2nd wife)
Hineaute **
Te Teira Pikiuha ~m~ Te Huna Werawera ****
Arihia Kaurapa ~m~ William Charles Hazel (American Whaler) ****
Heneriata Te Angihau ~m~ Makarini Puhata (from Omaio)
Whare Puhata ~m~ Rawinia Monica
Len/Renata McLean ~m~ Ngapera Tautuhi ****

Posted : 04 July, 2006 9:37 pm
Panipani OWC
Active Member

Its Me Pani

Posted : 04 July, 2006 9:40 pm
Te_Mohoao OWC
Active Member

Kia ora Georgie
Materoa was one of three daughters of Poroumata and Whaene -they lived at Whareponga. The other two were Te Ataakura=Ngati Hau and Tawhipare=Kahukuranui. Materoa also had a second husband.They had several children.
Ina te whakapapa e whai ake nei.

As you can see both Tutehurutea and Uetuhiao are descendents of Materoa. We of Hiruharama are known as Nga Kuri-paaka-a-uethiao. Te whanau-a-rongo-i-te-kai is a hapu of Te Aitanga-a-mate which in turn is a "iwi" in its own right. The history of Materoa and her sisters is long and exciting and, they and their "uri" influenced the makeup of Ngati Porou more than any other person. There so much more however it would take a book to write it all out.
Heoi ano
Te Mohoao

Posted : 18 July, 2006 7:44 pm
Eminent Member

Kia ora to all of you who have contributed to this post. I learnt alot from reading what youve shared.
My own line decends from another of Arihia Kaurapa's relationships, with Iria Hone Moeke and their son Hone Kawhena Moeke.
Im wondering if anyone has information to clarify which children of Arihia's belonged to which relationship?
And or, any stories to share about her life or Te Teira Pikiuha
Much thanks Joy

Posted : 19 September, 2006 6:23 am
hearty nati OWC
Eminent Member

Kia ora mai tatau te rangapu o nga uri a Materoa

Anei te korero mo Materoa me ona tuakana taina tokorua:

Poroumata was the highest chief of Ngati Porou in his time, of the ariki bloodlines from Porourangi. During his time, fighting broke out at Uawa between the sons of Iranui and Hingangaroa which spread south to Whangara. Fearing for his safety Poroumata headed north with Whaene, his three daughters and his three sons.

He stopped at Uawa, where the people attacked him. In the night, his family and follwers lit torches at both ends, to make it look as if there were many more than there really was. The locals grew afraid and allowed them to pass. This was called Te Rama-pito-rua.

Poroumata reached Whareponga, which at this time was occupied by Ngati Ruanuku, a powerful hapu made up of peoples who had come back with Tahupotiki for Porourangi's tangihanga. They remained afterward and kept the name Ngati Ruanuku, after Tahupotiki and Hamokiterangi's son.

Because Poroumata was such a high ariki, Ngati Ruanuku allowed him and his family to stay and went to great lengths to make him comfortable. This dragged on for many months however and Ngati Ruanuku grew angry.

Thus they planned to kill Poroumata and his sons. They were invited to go on a fishing trip. The night before, Poroumata consulted the stars which told him it would be a bad day for him, but good for others. Thus did he go anyway.

In the morning the waka went out with Poroumata and his sons and many Ngati Ruanuku. When the reached the rocks out in the water, theyw inked at eachother which was the signal to attck. Ever since, those rocks have been known as Kamokamo {Winking}.

Poroumata and his sons were all murdered, but Poroumata's body was carried away to shore before it could be retrieved, and was seen by his daughters. They fled in seperate directions; Te Atakura went to Opotiki and took Ngatihau as her husband, Materoa went to Titirangi and took Te Rangitarewa as her husband, and Tawhipare went to Uawa and took Kahukuranui as her husband.

When I have more time, I will post the rest of this story...inanetonei na.

Posted : 19 September, 2006 11:50 am
hearty nati OWC
Eminent Member

Te Atakura's husband Ngatihau was of high birth from Ngati Porou with ties to Te Whakatohea and to the peoples who would become Te Whanau a Apanui.

Her marriage cemented strong ties between Ngati Porou & Te Whakatohea, which could be called uopn when war came.

When she fell pregnant, she prayed it was a boy to avenge her father. But a girl was born instead. She was named Te Aomihia, after the night sky consulted by Poroumata.

Again she fell pregnant but it was a girl again, who was named Whakaarorangi showing that Te Atakura remembered still the heavens greeted by her father.

Finally she became pregnant again and could feel her son growing and kicking within her. Ths she knew it would be a son to avenge her father. When he was born, he was named Tumoana-kotore-i-whakairia-oratia {Tumoana-kotore who was suspended alive}, making mention of an incident regarding Ngatihau's father.

Tuwhakairiora was raised in the art of war by his relatives from Te Whakatohea, often named as one of the most warriors of the Maori world. When the time came for him to leave andmake his revenge, Te Whakatohea offered a powerful force to accompany him. But he declined, saying that it would not be alright in a blood feud such as this. He was given red plumes of the kaka instead so that people would know that he was a mighty warrior.

He headed north to Whangaparaoa where he saw a beautiful maiden digging kumara with her ko. Tuwhakairiora was said to be a handsome and cocky man, thus did he walk up to the maiden, who was none other than Hinerupe; his brother Hukarere's wife.

He attempted woefully to woo her. She ignored him until he placed his hands on her hips. Then she picked up her ko and struck the silly paka in the head! Tuwhakairiora couldnt believe it and hit her back. War could have broken out had Hukarere not come out to smooth out the situation. Hinerupe ran to her sister living near Te Aoparauri who gave her land in compensation for this shame. These lands became the kaenga tipu for Te Whanau a Hinerupe until this time still.

Aroha mai whanau....akoakenei ka whakaotihia tenei korero mo Tuwhakairiora me ona panga ki te tipuna koka a Materoa

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Posted : 20 September, 2006 11:00 am