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Nga Hapu O Matakaoa  

uetaha OWC
New Member

Kia ora Whanau!!!...please!! Read this info as a means for you to make a decision in the future direction of our whanau/hapu in Matakaoa,"Nga Hapu O Matakaoa". The purpose for its establishment was to be proactive in ensuring that the resources and interest of individual hapu within Matakaoa and to assist and promote independance amongst hapu, economically, culturally and politically.

Nga Hapu O Matakaoa, has been recognised officially by the crown, has forwarded claims to Waitangi Tribunal, and during the interim will establish a strong relationship with the crown, in assisting each hapu within the collective. This may result in Te Runanga o Ngati Porou having no input or involvement within Nga Hapu O Matakaoa on the basis that their involvement or input is not necessary.

At this moment there is a number of Treaty claims forwarded on behalf of different groups residing within and outside of matakaoa.

Nga Hapu O Matakaoa, Treaty claims have been initiated from the grass roots level and has the support of all marae and ahi kaa.
We believe, that the only ones who should have the authority to make any claim in Matakaoa are the recognised and established hapu of Matakaoa who hold ahi kaa today:
Te Whanau a Hunaara, Te Whanau a Hinerupe, Te Whanau a Te Aotaihi, Te Whanau a Kauwhakatuakina, Te Whanau a Uetaha, Te Whanau a Tamakoro, Te Whanau a Te Aopare, Te Whanau a Te Aotaki and Te Whanau a Tuwhakairiora.

Te Whanau a Tapaeururangi at Potaka have indicated that they will support another group, we have stated that they are welcome to join the Matakaoa collective.

I need to inform you, that other groups have forwarded similar claims, whereby full indepth consultation with all marae/hapu has not taken place.

I will be informing whanau via this panui, of progress etc and anything that you may wish to ask, I will forward a reply here as well....

Naku na he uri o Uetaha me Tamakoro

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Posted : 13 November, 2005 11:04 pm