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Ngati Irakehu, Onuku Marae  

NannaRee OWC
Active Member

Kia Ora everyone.

I am researching my whakapapa, and am interested in making contact with anyone from Onuku Marae.

My hapu is Ngati Irakehu, and Onuku is my marae, although I have never been there. I am descended from Puai Reka and James Robinson Clough through their son> Abner Robinson Clough, his daughter> Annie Clough, her son> Archie Jacobs, his son> Zane Jacobs.

I would love to visit the marae one day, and would like to make some acquaintances there so that I will know some people when I get there, lol.


Posted : 04 April, 2007 6:02 pm
Upokoruru OWC
Active Member

kia-ora NannaRee,
You may be related to the Jacobs or Henare Jacobs of Ngati Irakehu. He was born at Opukutahi-Banks Peninsula or Horomaka Te Whata-o-Rakaihautu) and was the grandfather of the well known Gai Tahu author, Rawiri Te Maire Tau.
(vide''The oral traditions of Ngai Tahi-Nga Pikituroa o Ngai Tahu'-p.28).
This is the only connection I know that may be of some help to you.
Since I am not from this area or hapu I can only say this:, I recommend you visit the Onuku marae which has a very beautiful setting across the Akaroa waters.
The hapu of Ngati Irakehu of course comes from Irakehu of the Ngati Iraturoto from the tupuna, Tura.They were from the Hawkes Bay region.Ngati Iraturoto later intermarried with Ngai Tahu probably in the Hawkes Bay area; Irakehu ka moe ia Rakawahakura (na Ngai Tahu). They seemed to have setlled in the eastern -southern parts of Banks Peninsula about the same time or just before the Gai Tuhaitara and Gati Kuri, all major Gai Tahu hapu invaded from Kaikoura.
Te Maire Tau theorises that this 'Tura' is actually the same identity as 'Tahu-potiki' in his study of Ngati Ira.However, I disagree with his conclusions on the simply grounds that this is not supported in Ngai Tahu traditions.


Edited by - Upokoruru on Apr 04 2007 11:24:59 PM

Posted : 04 April, 2007 7:14 pm
NannaRee OWC
Active Member

Thank you Upokoruru. 🙂

That is very interesting information. It will take me a while to ingest it, as there are one or two surprises there for me to think about.

I don't know much about the origins of hapu, and did not know that Ngati Irakehu were not originally Ngai Tahu. More whanau to find, lol.

I doubt if I am related to Henare Jacobs, as all my Jacobs rellies were from the Chathams. However, there could be a distant connection. 🙂

Thank you again! 😀

Posted : 04 April, 2007 9:59 pm
nikki OWC
Active Member

Kia ora. One of my good friends is from Onuku Marae. He may be able to help you. Could you PM me your e-mail and I'll give it to him when I see him next? Kia ora and good luck.

Posted : 17 April, 2007 5:05 pm
NannaRee OWC
Active Member

Thanks Nikki. I have sent you a pm. 🙂

Posted : 17 April, 2007 5:41 pm
Active Member

kia ora Nannaree ( cuz )

Im also a descentant of Puai Reka ( puai Tuhaewa..? ) > Abner Clough > Herbert Lee Clough > Isobel Gladys morgan, nee Clough > Ngaire McDonald, nee morgan > Joanne Young, Nee McDonald > MOI

I kinda gather that puai was originaly from wairewa before going to live at Onuku with James robinson clough. You might want to stop there when you go home as its not far away.

all the best

Posted : 30 April, 2007 8:28 pm