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arohalove OWC
New Member

I would like to know the marae and relevant info like what waka etc and maybe relevant contacts for someone to talk to im new to the whakapapa subject so any help would be greatly recieved.I live in chch if this is of any help.

Posted : 10 February, 2006 2:35 pm
Himiona OWC
New Member

Hey Aroha, It's Anna here...Abe's daughter ! Your second cousin I think .... I taught you and TJ how rock'n'roll dance many years ago !!!

Ko Tainui te waka
Ko Waikato te iwi
Ko Taupiri te maunga
Ko Te Kauri to marae
Ko Ngati Whawhaakia te hapu

I've just discovered this great site. Any how, I too am trying to get a sense of the whakapapa.
I've found out some bits and pieces, and I see you are trying to find out about our Tupuna Pirihira Hori Rongo....me too !

Email me at himiona@hotmail.com and I'll let you know what I know. It's great that there's someone elso who's interested too, especially as growing up in Christchurch, you feel a little bit disconnected.

Take care,


Posted : 19 February, 2006 8:24 am
arohalove OWC
New Member

Hey it just dawned on me its you anna fancy that well yeah im just starting to get alot of info together and i am at the moment getting pictures and info and publishing a form of whakapapa book so i have alot of old photos of nana can you believe it and grandad wow how different they were back then i even have one of your dad haha.
So i also have a task of finding out my fathers side so i am very busy.
As for the hidden info youre right but it goes into alot more almost spiritual and we need to tread carefully and ask for permission from the tupuna as to be careful not to step on toes if you know what i mean i will talk soon.

Posted : 20 February, 2006 11:26 am
Jaimee OWC
Active Member

hi im just trying to find some info on a rangimoni i dont know much about her only that she is ngati whawhakia and or ngati pou she is my dads mum she lived and died in rangiriri in the 1950s just want to know if u or anyone know anything about her would be great if you do if not its worth the time if anything does come up please email me people at mzjay_2144@yahoo.com.au thanks

Posted : 28 April, 2006 4:30 pm
matahuru OWC
Eminent Member

Kia ora arohalove

As your friend pointed out Te Kauri is a marae of Ngati Whawhakia as is Kaitumutumu and Te Ohaki.

I also noticed you mention Ngati Pawa? Are you sure that is not Ngati Paoa? The pronouciation is similar as I have never heard of Pawa in our area. (Huntly)

If it is Paoa then again the Waka is Tainui. One of the marae is at Kaiaua. A good contact would be Hauraki Maori Trust board for information regarding Ngati Paoa.

If it is Pawa then arohamai I have not information on that hapu.

For Ngati Whawhakia try Tainui trust or Waahi Whanui Trust for information.

Good luck.

Posted : 27 September, 2006 11:41 am