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Notification to form NGATI KURI Tribal Council ~ 2008  

ngati_kuri@hotmail.com OWC
Eminent Member



03 Dec - Book Te Reo Mihi Marae for 'Kotahitanga' 11 - 14 Jan - Te Reo Mihi Marae TE HAPUA.
11 Dec - EoI sent out to Ngati Kuri database via email, & on ngatikuri.tk, maori.org.nz, maori-in-oz.com.au websites, phone, fax & text messages.
16 Dec - Collate bookings for the Kotahitanga.
17 Dec - Details of Kotahitanga sent to Radio Waatea, Te Hiku o te Ika Radio & TV & Maori TV community notices.
22 Dec - Program for Kotahitanga forwarded to all confirmed bookings.
25 - 30 Dec Posters placed in key areas from Kaitaia north (noticeboard Fish & Chips Main road Kaitaia Museum, Houhora & Waitiki Landing Service Stations, noticeboard IGA Pukenui, noticeboard Te Kao.north.
31 Dec - 10 Jan Finalise details, organise budget, menu & program.



Speakers: suitable & appropriate topics

Attendance: Positive mix home people & visitors

Budget: approx $1,000 food, drinks & bathroom & cleaning products, marae hire & utilities cater for 40)

Gift Nga Hapu o Ngati Kuri flag to the Marae.
To form a Ngati Kuri Tribal Council,
Formulate Ngati Kuri Maori Development Strategic Plan,
Seek advice from Waitangi Tribunal re: to submit a Waitangi Claim,
Seek advice from Te Puni Kokori,
Seek advice from Historic Places Trust,
Seek advice from NZ Companies Office,
Seek Trust & Co-operatives advice,
Seek bank advice
Seek members for a working party to work on Ngati Kuri documents (History Background, EoI, Registration).
Motion 1: To do the above and gain a knowledge base and progress the decision to form a Tribal Council by Feb 08. J. Hapakuku Ratana Seconded: W. Busby CONFIRMED

Motion 2: To work on & forward the Ngati Kuri documents to a working party of 20 to confirm the document drafts History Background, EoI, Registration paperwork to be distributed and ready to be presented at Waitangi Day. R dei Leoni Seconded: J Hapauku Ratana CONFIRMED

Motion 3: To send out paperwork public on website www.ngatikuri.tk & follow through with contacting Government/legal entities. R. dei Leoni Seconded: M Leoni CONFIRMED


To register the entity Ngati Kuri by end of February 2008 either as a company, Co-op, Trust or Inc Soc.
To decide on meeting dates and Agenda (either in person or by AV Conferencing)
To prioritise projects.
To despatch registration forms to all current Ngati Kuri by public notice, email, post and or fax.
To request all to forward the forms to all other Ngati Kuri.
Communication by computer chat programs (prefer msn or yahoo) If you are NOT on a personal computer e.g.. library, shared, work etc you can go to: http://www.ebuddy.com/ and sign in to either msn with your hotmail or yahoo email account sign in. You need to send your email addresses if you don't currently email them, so they can add you to their messenger list. For instance my msn account is rozita_leoni@hotmail.com and my yahoo account id is rozita_leoni
Regular contact at least on Wednesdays and/or Sundays during the set-up process for Ngati Kuri.
Cost of registration for Ngati Kuri is $160.00 online. Request to any who want to be a director/shareholder to contribute to the registration fee. Also read below re: applying for IRD & register for GST
Company information:

An active email address.
Proposed company name reserved.
At least one physical address for your company.
The full names and residential addresses of your director/s and shareholder/s.
If you intend to apply for a company IRD number during the incorporation process, you will need the personal IRD number for all directors and one shareholder, main business activity and place of business.
If you intend to apply for a company IRD number and register for GST during the incorporation process, you will need all of the above in addition to the GST accounting method, frequency of filing returns and details of how you would like refunds to be paid.


Could you please indicate either way if you will:
Be a Director/Shareholder (and can contribute to the set-up fee)?
Be a representative who distributes Registration forms and collects and forwards them back in bulk?
Join registration/validation team to confirm/type up Registration List.
Form Waitangi Claim Working Team
Form Maori Development Strategic Plan Working Team


'Te tomokanga a Kurahaupo I roto I Waitangi' ['the entrance of Kurahaupo into Waitangi]


Ph 09 846 0245
Cell: 021 46 0245
Please acknowledge receipt of this email thank you.

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Posted : 18 February, 2008 11:52 am