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PAYNTER, Ethel Louise : Help with whakapapa plse  

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Tena Koutou Katoa

I have just discovered an exiting new thread to my whakapapa ( To me )

As it happens My great great grand mother Ethel Louise Paynter was maori, which I didnt know untill I went delving around in familysearch.com....what an awesome site ! this is what I found.

Heipuna Pomare (Father)m Ngarangi (Mother) 1813
wikitoria Pomare 1814
Wikitoria Pomare m Euphraim james Coffee 1835
Harriet mirimata Coffee (Horiata Mirimata Kawhe )1844
Harriet Coffee m William henry Grinnell 1860
Isabella Grinnell 1861
Isabella Grinnell m Richard thomas Paynter 1879
Ethel Louisa Paynter 1884

Ethel married my great great grandfather Herbert Lee clough, a descendent of puai and james Robinson clough.

All the above births and marriages occurred on the chatham islands.
I have come across other text which lists Wikitoria Pomares parents as ngarangi ( father or mother ) and Herewini patea ( father or mother ) She is then listed as wikitoria Patea, but there is more listings as pomare.

I beleive that there was pomare family on the chathams at the time who belonged to ngati mutunga ?

This is my question, is there any body who can cofirm or elaborate on any of this whakapapa, who can tell me where ngati mutunga are from, and if that is the iwi of Heipuna pomare and Ngarangi ?

Hope to hear from someone soon


Posted : 03 May, 2007 2:08 pm
rangipiwari OWC
Active Member

Kia ora Akaroa

I understand your need about finding your whakapapa and hopefully I can help you. There is a website that you can look into to find whanau it is: http://www.familysearch.org

If you go to the family search you can search out your whanau name from there especially the "Pomare" family, there's a big huge bunch of them.

My whanau also connect into this line through my great grandmother, who is also from the Chathams, but Im just waiting on further confirmation of this link.

There is a Wikitoria Pomare listed D.O.B 22/02/1902 and passed away in 1979...so Im not sure if this is the line your looking for.

As for how Ngati Mutunga got to the Chathams, according to what I've been told is they were part of the Taranaki iwi who were sent down to the Chatham Island as one of the many prisoners that were kept there, then after a certain time they were freed, some Ngati Mutunga remained and some left. Ngati Mutunga is part of the many iwi/hapu of Taranaki and alot has been written about this rohe.

I could get further into this but Im sure you will discover these things on your venture of whakapapa.

If you would like to link up please feel free to email me. Nau tou rourou, naku tou rourou, kia ora

Posted : 05 May, 2007 4:12 pm