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Tangohau Whanau - Ruatoki  

georgietangohau OWC
New Member

Whanau out there I need information about my GrandFather Rev Wi Hauwaho Tangohau brought up in Ruatoki he left their and was a Reverent around the Tolaga Bay and other outreach around the coast. I was told that his marae is Ngahina correct me if I am wrong, my Father was brought up on the Paipa's side(GrandMother) so I didnt know much about my Grandfathers background as much as I did my Nanna's I would really like to know more email if you know any thing cheers.

January 2006
Thank you Hauwaho-Tangohau Whanau for helping me learn more about our Koro, this has inspired me to continue my journey where he originally came from and honoured to pass what I know down to my side second whanau of Wi Hauwaho Tangohau, my whanau stayed under the original name(TANGOHAU)and proud of it. Come on you Tangohau's - Hauwaho we are one. Flick an email to me of what you know i.e. information, photos, videos viceversa to me cheers.


Georgie Tangohau. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Posted : 13 November, 2005 3:14 pm
maoriboy7@xtra.co.nz OWC
Active Member

Kia ora georietangohau, Rev Wi Tangohau is my great grandfather.
Maybe you could email me and we can korero more. Lee.

Posted : 15 November, 2005 12:43 pm
Active Member

Kia Ora korua,
Wi Hauwaho Tangohau is also my great-grandfather. Yes you are absolutely correct! Wi lived in Ruatoki, Ngahina Marae, Ngati - Tawhaki Hapu. Im also reseaching this whakapapa,constantly looking for answers.
If you want you can email @ dvs_natedawg at msn dot com

Posted : 27 November, 2005 4:54 pm
poakanui OWC
New Member

Kia ora all, Rev: Wi Hauwaho Tangohau is my Grandfather also, my deceased Dad was Te Whetu Arama Hauwaho Tangohau, one of Wi`s children, I do not know alot of my own whakapapa and would be interested in gathering any information regarding my Grandfather Wi Tangohau , iwi, hapu, marae etc and ANY information on the TANGOHAU whanau whakapapa...if anyone can assist please e-mail me at waytarn at xtra dot co dot nz. Any information would be extremely appreciated and greatly received...kia ora whanau Wayne Tangohau

Posted : 08 January, 2006 10:08 am