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Waikohika, kei Kawhia/Pirongia?  

eyesfenton OWC
New Member

have you heard of or know how I can get some info' on te iwi/hapu Waikohika, kei Kawhia/Pirongia? it's probable that it's extinct.

Posted : 06 May, 2005 5:45 pm
Eminent Member

Im fairly new to this place but, as both Kawhia and Pirongia are well known place names in Tainui history, it might be best to try the website www.tainui.co.nz and see if anything pops up.
Hope thats useful.

peaceful regard

Posted : 15 July, 2005 11:18 pm
New Member

I have a tupuna with the same name WAIKOHIKA my version of this person comes from the whakapapa of my tupuna Titi Kahunui who is the father.
Titi Kahunui came from Motiti Marae in TeKuiti.Titi had 10 children and WAIKOHIKA is one of them
kia ora

Posted : 09 September, 2005 6:32 pm
Hotutaua OWC
Active Member

Kia ora Norma I might be able to help. I’m from a small place called Hangatiki which is between Otorohanga and Tekuiti. My Marae at Hangatiki is called Te Kauae. Te Kauae, Motiti and Oparure Marae and you can see Motiti from Oparure. All 3 marae and there are many more about 20 marae, to my knowledge belong to the Iwi Ngati Kinohaku and Kinohaku is a woman and the younger sister to Maniapoto the tribe Maniapoto and there father is Rereaahu (ngati Rereaahu). Waipatoto is the name of the Tupuna whare at Oparure and this marae is thee Ngati Kinohaku Iwi. I don’t know about Waikohika and I am familiar with Ngati Kinohaku whakapapa but the name Waikohika is a new one to me, and I’m not saying there is no connection. If Waikohika is a Tupuna or Hapu of Kinohaku and it might be an old extinct one, then I am very interested to find it. Titi Kahunui is a very interesting name also, I have herd of this Tupuna. You mentioned Kawhia and Pirongia, well south of Kawhia along the coast and south of Taharoa to Marakopa are part of Kinohaku lands and Waikohika might be an extinct pa site along the coast. Ngati Kinohaku people live south of Taharoa and were very close to Ngati Toa, and as the history goes, Ngati Toa, Ngati Koata, Ngati Rarua who are all down nelson way and some of Ngati Raukawa all lived at Taharoa and Kawhia. Ngati Kinohaku still have marae at Marakopa and Keretehere, When Te Raparaha and them went south a lot of their woman and children stayed with Kinohaku at Marakopa until it was safe for them to join there hapus. Kinohaku lands stretched inland to Tekuiti and Otorohanga and most of the Marae around these areas are under the Iwi Ngati Kinohaku and Maniapoto, but we all say we are under the Mana of Ngati Maniapoto Iwi and our whakapapa is really direct Kinohaku. Which dose cause confusion in whakapapa search? So sorry I cant help you, I just like to blab on “lol”. I be searching kakite ano

Posted : 28 November, 2005 11:27 am
Aubry OWC
Active Member

I have a Waikohika 5 generations down from Rereahu on my Whakapapa md to Te Kanawa. Don't know if this helps or hinders you

Posted : 29 November, 2005 9:36 pm