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Whakapapa of Taranaki Maunga  

Te Ikatere OWC
Active Member

Tena Koutou

Can anyone help me with this "fasinating" subject, heres a lil of what i got.

Started off with Rua Tawhito, from him came kahui Rua, Rua te hihiri, Rua te pupuke etc (cant giv all i got hehehe) till we get to Rua Taranaki. I got a lil bit of whakapapa and a lil bit of korero, just want to now extend and broaden my understanding.

Naku iti noa
Te Ikatere

Posted : 17 August, 2007 1:14 pm
Upokoruru OWC
Active Member

tena koe Te Ikatere,
you should find a full rendering in one of the early volumes of the Journal of the Polynesian Society.J.Percy-Smith wrote and recorded a considerable amount of tradition from the general Taranaki region.
As you might know Rua was said to be the first man to climb Taranaki.Their a number of 'Kahui' names -collective titles find in Taranaki including the ancient Kahui-rere who are recalled by the Ngai Rauri people.
But since I do not come from Taranki I can only comment and communicate so much.my main interest in that land is the Kati Wairaki who migrated after Turi's mob moved in.

Posted : 01 September, 2007 10:48 pm