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shelb69_gtown OWC
Active Member

Kei te mihi ki te atua nana nei nga mea katoa. Ko Ranginui e tu nei. Ko Papatuanuku e takoto nei. He mihi nui kia korua. Kei te mihi nga tupuna, me nga pakeke, me nga kaumatua. Kia ora koutou.

Ko wai au? Ko Whakatohea au!

I am looking for historical information on Whakatohea, from Prior 1800's to the present day. Preferbably for the following time periods: 1841-1860 and 1901-1938, but any information would be much appreciated. I would very much also like photos of people, marae, iwi regarding Whakatohea. For those of you who do have any information please feel free to contact me via my emails nga.whanau@hotmail.com or shelb69_gtown@yahoo.com.

Posted : 23 July, 2007 7:20 pm
tuhtip OWC
New Member

Kia Ora ra

Have you ever considered looking at the history behind the murder of Rev Carl Volkner and lead up to the people from Te Whakatohea like Mokomoko and also researching the struggle that nga uri o Te Whakatohea went throught to maintain their TIno Rangatiratanga althought they were really treated unfairly by the Government

And making your way to the pardon

Heoi ano, he paku awhina tenei naaku

Posted : 23 August, 2007 11:45 am