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Looking for The Whakapapa of TOKO RATIMA PAKAI  


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02 May, 2014 9:33 am  

Looking for The Whakapapa of TOKO RATIMA PAKAI …….Up and Down for myself and my children who are the great great great grandchildren of Toko.

My grandfather who passed away  was the son of Ethel Timmo. She had 6 kids too Toko 4 boys(Jack,Danny,Desmond,?) and 2 girls (Joan and Rosemary). My Grandfather is Danny Ratima.

I would love to find out as much as I can to re connect and also want to find out what our PEPEHA is. My Aunty Rosemary gave me this information but she was not sure if it was correct or of the spelling

Kahuranaki Maunga
Pokawa Awa
Ngati Whatitapiti te Iwi
Rangiwhuanaki Hapu
Takitimu Waka
Hapuku Tangata

I always had something else stuck in my head for some reason so Im not sure if this is ours or not

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17 February, 2015 6:07 pm  

Cemetery record
Name: Toko Ratima Pakai
Birth Date: abt 1900
Death Age: 42
Death Date: 22 Nov 1942
Burial Place: Hawkes Bay, Napier, New Zealand
Cemetery: Park Island
Spouse Name: Ethel Ratima Pakai
Spouse Death Date: 30 Jan 1976
Spouse Death Age: 83

Marriage Record
Name: Toko Pakai
Gender: Male
Marriage Year: 1917
Relation: Bridegroom
Spouse: Polly Timmo

cemetery record with a different birth date
Name: Toko Ratima Pakia
Birth Date: abt 1888
Death Age: 54
Death Date: 24 Nov 1942
Burial Place: Napier Hawkes Bay, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, New Zealand
Cemetery: Park Island

these records above come from an Ancestry.com search I did for you

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28 October, 2015 12:52 am  

hey send me a email ivena13@gmail.com
my nan hauri pakai is the daughter of toko pakai and maryann grantham i have most of the whakapapa