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[Solved] RAMEKA, Whakaaria (Fred): Looking for Iwi  


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29 October, 2018 9:18 pm  

Kia ora,

I am the great-grandson of Whakaaria (Fred) Rameka and Anne Ena Rameka (Died 04 August 1971, 20 October 1989 respectively) 

See headstone ->  https://billiongraves.com/grave/WhakaariaFred-Rameka/7783543

Based on their headstone, they had four children - Ted, Ena (my grandmother, now deceased), Ella and Anne.

I am interested in talking with anyone who is a descendant of these people and/or can help with basic Whakapapa information (i.e., Iwi, Hapu, Marae etc).

Ngā mihi!

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17 November, 2018 9:33 am  

Kia ora,

The headstone may have a tale to tell. I would suggest getting hold of someone from Ratana Pa in Whanganui. It would seem the case as this is on the headstone.

Our iwi has ties to both Ratana ( an Aunt/Uncle were the first Ratana church wedding in the South Island) and her Aunty married a Rameka. Find out some more and come back to me so I can confirm more details.

Nga mihi

Dianne Tahuaroa-Watson



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30 November, 2018 8:37 am  

Kia ora, I am the son of Ted Rameka. Aunty Ena and my dad lived with Nanny Anne but Aunty Anne and Aunty Ella were whangae to whanau in Tauranga. They all remained very close though. May I ask who your parent is. I remember Linda, Bonnie, Mosie, Ricky. Last year I spoke to Bonnie at a land meeting on Matakana island.

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05 December, 2018 8:34 pm  

Kia ora e te whanaunga,

Ko i te tama a Mosie.

I spoke with Uncle Ted about a month ago, he wasn't able to locate the tribal information I was seeking at that time.

Nonetheless, he pointed me in the direction of other whanaunga, who have been extremely helpful in filling in the gaps, and have since provided me with knowledge of our Whakapapa.

Are you in Auckland? Would be good to meet you at some point. Let me know how I can best contact you.

Mihi mai