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Looking for my Bro, Tai Eric Posthuma de boer  

Anahera OF
New Member

Kiaora all,
I am looking for a brother that I unfortunatly have never met. My mother only informed me of my older brother a couple of years ago and we have decided to try our luck and start a search. It may be a long shot in this forum but you never know... I'm hoping he will be looking in the Maori sites too.Him being of Maori decent he may be curious about his whakapapa.His name is Tai Eric Posthuma de boer. He would be approximatly 35 now. The thing is he was born in Brisbane Australia and was adoped to a Swedish couple who then took him back to Switzerland where he was raised. He had a heart condition and needed an operation before the age of 4 and mum not being able to afford it had to give him to these Swedish people who were wealthy and more importantly loved him. Any help on this matter would be wonderful. Thanx

Posted : 21 July, 2003 5:34 am