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nga puhi  

jenny brown jenkins OF
New Member

hi there i am looking for my grandmother i beileve that she is nga puhi her name about 26 years ago was nookie murray if you can help me or know anything about nga puhi PLEASE CONTACT ME AT jennybix@hotmail.com

Posted : 03 October, 2002 9:49 pm
Anahera OF
New Member

Kiaora, I was just scanning through and I stopped at your panui because I am from Ngapuhi aswell.Unfortunatly I haven't lived up there but through my family and friends I hear some surnames that are quite frequently spoken of and the Murray's is one. Now I know that there are Murray's up in Whangape and I have also heard of them on Matakana Island down near tauranga and they both connect, but unfortunatly thats all I can help you with.If you would like to email me with your phone no. I would be happy to pass you on to a whaea of mine who is from Whangape and knows her whakapapa like the back of her hand. Thats the only problem with these wonderful Maori sites is that not enough kaumatua/kuia surf the net and they are all the ones with that wonderful knowledge. Akuanei

Posted : 20 June, 2003 7:49 am