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Maoritvisawasteoftaxmoney OF
New Member

All maori’s are related, didn’t you know that bro? or is that just how they act. Also all young Maoris are actually African American by the way

Posted : 27 March, 2003 11:27 pm
daza OF
New Member

While reading through the topics I came by your suggestion that.."all Maoris are related" and "all young Maoris are actually African American".the fist part maybe true,but to state that we are also part African American then I suggest that the education system in N.Z has let me down on who I really am....regards Daryl

Posted : 05 April, 2003 6:45 pm
nappihear OF
New Member

To maoritvisawasteoftaxmoney
Ow bro if your a maori I aint related to you

Posted : 16 April, 2003 5:38 am
karen newman OF
Active Member

Che bro. With all that attitude I'd definately say you got african/american.I myself am adopted to Pakeha.So I'm brown on the out; white on the in; red with anger from not knowing who I really am; green with envy as you probably have alot info about your heritage than I;on a good day I'm tickled pink; & on a bad day I'm a bit blue. So you tell me dat the end of the day, what does really count?

Posted : 19 April, 2003 8:53 pm
Betty OF
New Member

I am proud of my heritage being a Mâori! No way associate me with "African Americans!", they have no culture! they wanted to be slaves to the white men! my Tipuna were never slaves! nor am I! and noway do I see Mâori people doing drive by's with GUNS!
It saddens me with Modern Mâori who dont know anything about their heritage, like yourself to make stupid comments like what you made!
Go back to your Marae and your Kaumatua chap and find yourself!

"He kôrero rûpahu kare!"

Posted : 23 April, 2003 1:48 am
raukawaflow OWC
Active Member

Well just following on from the rest! What ever you are on about chap! Maori tv is not waste of tax money! Its choice to see Maori on tv!Especially for the indigeonous people of the land The (Tangata Whenua) And you maybe right that we come from America! But whos to know where we come from theres so many bull**** stories going around these days! In my eyes where i was born is where i come from and that is Aotearoa and im proud of who i am and where i come from! And if i ever hear anyone putting my culture down thats when i stand up for my people and what i believe in! And if people like you wanna put the Maori down well i can bet that you yourself will go down one day!( What goes around comes around bro)And if you are living in Aotearoa youve got a cheek to write that! LOSER!

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Posted : 23 April, 2003 6:53 pm
Missy OF
Active Member

I'm actually a bit saddened and disheartened by our so-called education system if we have people learning that all Maori are related or that we're African Americans, which seems to imply that all dark-skinned people are related. Feelin' a wee bit of aroha for you "maoritvisawasteofmoney" and wonder if maybe you need to further your education a bit. Maybe put some effort into building yourself up, rather than pulling everyone down to where you're at.

Posted : 24 April, 2003 4:49 am
Latwards OF
New Member

Oh what a tangled web web we weave when we are confused! African American?? The melting pot / birth place of all humanity (in theory anyways) is purported to be Africa but we have gotten ourselves soooo watered down over the aeons on our trek across Gondowana land that you can hardly say we're related any more, we've evolved into our separate cultures and identities and have taken to believing in mythical entities like the various gods that the differing cultures invented. Yes, god was invented by humans not the other way around. We have to have faith in self before we can believe in other artificial 'props'. If you can't touch it it doesn't exist!!
Ka Kite.

Posted : 03 May, 2003 8:02 pm
Kirihi OF
New Member

I think people like Mr Maoritvisawasteoftaxmoney find it so easy to just ggroup Maori together into one so that if they take a pot shot at Maori as a unit then they think they can tarnish all Maori at the same time. Which is sad, because i'd love to see him atually say that to someone's face. What's more important is that we maintain our own dignity and not let know-nothings like Mr Maoritv blah blah blah spoil this wonderful papa panui for the rest of us.

Posted : 19 June, 2003 11:01 pm
kas22 OF
New Member

Its obvious whoever started this discussion topic is either ignorant, or more likely, is writing tongue-in-cheek and heavy on the sarcasm. To wit he's posted a few inflamatory comments with the purpose of getting some discussion going. Kei te pai.
Point one; as Maori we know how important it is to have a TV channel that will reflect our culture, our views, and most importantly to foster our reo. There could be no better use of taxpayers money than to help re-energize and motivate a people to be proud in themselves and their culture. Such a people take pride not only in themselves but in their jobs, their community, their nation; because they can see the bigger picture, its about making a future for ourselves and our whanau, just as our tupuna made a future for us.
Secondly, I tautoko the statement that Maori youth seek to emulate Afro American "culture," but thats a worldwide thing. Kids are "try-hards" because thats what they see as being the tohu of youth; from rock'n'roll to flower-power, punks, and everything in between, hip-hop's just the current f_you-culture-of-the-day. Thats why we need to provide role models for Maori youth on TV, and not some wanna-be negro Maori (did somebody say Mai Time?), but the kind that reflect Maori values of aroha, manaakitanga, etc. Throw that disrespectful "Afro-American-gangsta-dopehead-playa" bullsh_t where it belongs.
Wow, I really got carried away on this one! Kaati.

Posted : 20 June, 2003 12:19 am
Feez31 OF
New Member

Its easy to think that all Maori are related and you would be right in saying so because for me whanau is of great importance to me and my children. I am Maori first and foremost, I am proud that I chose to be raised without war, fear, hunger and prejudice. I am proud that I am linked to so many whanau throughout this land I call Aotearoa. I am proud to come from great heritage such as Sir Apirana Ngata, Dame Whina Cooper and the many other important tupuna who fought to change our land so that we, their descendants can provide a better place for us and our generations yet to come. I am saddend that you cannot see the beauty that we will always have and that you have unfortunately been disconnected from your people. Learn from your mistakes my friend and you will not be so bitter.


Posted : 19 July, 2003 11:01 pm
lifetimes OF
New Member

I think this guy has had enough attention so I thought I would post a new topic for consideration and discussion... I am looking for comments on the current supply of Maori culture and Te Reo that is incorporated into the mainstream school curriculum and culture; is there enough-how can it be improved. Look forward to your responses. Arohanui teacher in training.

Posted : 11 August, 2003 6:03 am