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Sylva (Hiriwa) Newsletter No 2 June 2004  

Rozita OF
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R Leoni nee Sylva 169 Carrington Rd MT ALBERT Auckland NZ
(09) 846 0245 0212 663 001

Issue 2 - June 2004

The Hikoi (journey) north 04 - 07 June 2004

The kaupapa (purpose/mission) is to answer the call from our tupunas (ancestors). Approximately two years ago a directive was given to spread the word to all “Uri ô Ngati Kuri (descendants of Ngati Kuri), one of the five hapu of Muriwhenua (Far North) to Hikoi back to the land of their forefathers. This is to give those of us in the present, guidance, & direction and to establish our links and ties with our Iwi (tribe) Muriwhenua and hapu Ngati Kuri and to our ancestors who walked these lands before us. All welcome!!!

Final Program: Bring your food provisions from Auckland. Pack wet weather gear, warm clothing, something suitable for a sunny day, & bedding. Swap mobile phone numbers. Safety check your vehicle. Don’t forget any necessary medication.
Date: Friday 04 June 04 departing Auckland Time: 10 AM
Suggested stopovers: Kaiwaka 1½ hours north, then Kawakawa (Hundertwasser Toilet) or Moerawa (good tearoom) +2 hours, then via Mungamuka Gorge to Kaitaia +1½ hours or via Pahia to Mangonui (good fish and chip shop) and onto Awanui (8 kilometres north of Kaitaia). Refuel at Kaitaia.
1st Meet up: 4.00 PM - St Joseph’s Anglican Church between Awanui & Waimonone.
2nd Meet up: 4.15 - 4.40 PM Waimonone Marae.
3rd Meet up: 5.00 PM Waitiki Landing. From here further directions will be given.

Correct names for our latest family additions:
¨Sharmaine Toko’s was blessed with a daughter Te Mahia in April. She is named after her Great grandmother 5 generations removed Raiha Te Mahia. There was a birth earlier in the year also to Meri Sylva’s
¨daughter Priscilla.
¨Nadia (nee Te Hira) & Dane Straker announce the birth of Jurnee A’mour Aidane Straker on 28 March 2004, first female grandchild for Kiri & Uncle Sonny is a Great grandad again. Welcome & Congratulations to all.

What happened in your May 2004?

George Epere, son of Doris (nee Sylva) & Sonny Epere born 25 May 1954, celebrated turning 50 years at the Epere family home in Manurewa. With close family already totalling 45, there were still a few spaces for childhood family from Pukemiro and some surprise guests. George, Lewis who was recently reunited after 23 years with his daughter Emma from Melbourne, Gordon & his wife Ria and Katrina ‘hopped’ over from Australia. It was a lovely time to catch up for all who well remember the family gatherings held in the Epere’s garage and backyard which holds many happy memories before Auntie Doris and Kathleen’s daughter Anita’s untimely passing. As a cousin of the Epere’s, I remember the occasions as a time when the world was a better, nicer, safer place, where the word ‘‘family’’ meant something. Where it was family that was more important than what we wore, what we drove and who our friends were. They were ‘happy days’ and it was a pleasure to be among family once more as an adult watching my child at play with cousins of her generation. By the way the food was GOOD too! But of course as families do… Uncle Sonny’s waiata, big kudos to George’s sisters Kiri, Dotty & Kathy’s expert organisation, Gordon & Bodene’s Haka, Lewis’ speech and introduction of Emma was as good as the icing on the cake!!

Calendar of Events, Dates, Meetings & Announcements:

??? Saturday 15 May 2004 Meeting: 141 Robertson Rd MANGERE (Community Room next to Centre Park) 10 AM???
For all families who ‘whakapapa’ back to Te Hapua. Annual General Meeting (AGM) to form an incorporation. Proposed name “Proprietors of Ngati Kuri Incorporation”. Meal (all invited to bring a plate). Confirm details on the June 4 - 6th Queen’s Birthday Weekend trip to Te Hapua. If you would like to register for the Beneficiaries roll, please forward your details to: Yvonne Tauariki 15B Avis Rd Papatoetoe before the 15 May Meeting.
This meeting was “cancelled’. Apologies to all who tried to attend on the date above as notice was not received and we were also ‘caught short going to the venue’ to be told by the community house caretaker a meeting had convened the week before. Right of reply has been requested, yet unanswered.

Sunday 16 May 2004 Live Day & Pui Nui Official opening: Howick Historical Village Bells Rd Pakuranga 10 - 5 PM…
This was a great day and very valuable for those who have an interest in all things from Auckland circa 1860. Next live day is in June. A good family day or adults.

Unveilings: Queen’s Birthday Weekend Saturday 5 June 2004 Ahipara, Kaumaumau & Te Hapua.
Details: Bob Mehana 09 570 8693.

Wananga - Place for knowledge sharing & learning: Planned for Auckland all who whakapapa back to the Sylva - Te Mahia marriage in approx 1865. Is your family interested in bringing your ‘kite’ of family knowledge to the wananga so we can weave a whakapapa of strength, truth and one we can be proud to use wherever we go? Your input is what will make this work. Any input appreciated and welcomed. We can talk alone (to the wind) or… we can talk together (whanau to whanau).The truth sets us free. Be proud. Walk tall.

DISCLAIMER: All information herein is to the best of my knowledge true and accurate and not intended to be divisive. If there are corrections please forward them at your earliest convenience to be rectified in the next issue.

Profiles on family units especially appreciated.

If you have a announcement, engagement, wedding, recent bereavement or unveiling please forward.

All families of Sylva, Henare, Hinga, Mehana, Aperahama (Abraham), Rawhiti, Epere, Te Hira, Railton, Wilson, Ratahi, Waipouri, Tauariki, Leoni, Stanton, Starr, Harris, Salmon, McClenaghan, Rankin, Jefferies, Clark etc etc, we can’t write about you, that’s your job.

DON’T BE SHY. Write a little, write a lot. Blow your trumpet. Tell us about the princes and princesses in your family. Historical reference would be great, however what your family has been up to recently will also be fine.

Hope to catch up soon for that chat and cup of tea!!

Computer whizzes, desktop publishers, persons that have a photocopier etc & want to take over this newsletter or contribute to its production & distribution are welcome to phone Rozita (09) 846 0245.

Ko Maunga Piko te maunga
Ko Waitononi te awa
Ko Kurahaupo te waka
Ko Muriwhenua te iwi
Ko Ngati Kuri te hapu
Ko Sylva & Te Mahia nga whanau
Ko Maunga Tohora te maunga
Ko Rangaunu te moana
Ko Kurahaupo te waka
Ko Muriwhenua te iwi
Ko Ngai Takoto te hapu
Ko Henare & Hinga nga whanau
Korero kia ra e te whakapapa tuatahi
Ko Rozita Leoni tooku ingoa
Tau atu Tau atu Tau atu

rozita_leoni@hotmail.com 09 846 0245
169 Carrington Road Mt Albert Auckland NZ

Posted : 01 June, 2004 2:24 pm