Important Notice For Current Whakapapa Club Members as at 13 January 2018:
If you are a current member of the old Whakapapa Club forum you can sign in here with your facebook account if that email is the same one as here.  If not, you will have to request a new password before you can login. 
Use the Login Link then click on the Lost Password link.

If your email has changed since you signed up and you do not have a Facebook account with the same email, go to the Papa Panui and log in there then send a priavte message to the username maoriorgnz giving your new email address and we will update the email here so you will be able to request a new password.

Whakapapa Club is Being Transfered to a New System  


Why we are transfering the Whakapapa Club
The Whakapapa Club is part of which was started in 1996 (21 years ago). At that time all websites were coded by hand. Over the years code becomes obsolete and that means that with hand coded sites they need to be re-coded else they will not work. and the Whakapapa Club has now become a mish-mash of code for different areas.

We have decided to transfer the Whakapapa Club to the Wordpress system, which is a system that is continuously updated. This means that the webmaster will not have to hand code changes as code becomes out of date.

What about
We decided to transfer the Whakapapa Club first as there is so much information in there that is hard to find. Once all is working well, we will transfer - but that may be a couple of months away.

What about the Forums?
The good news is that the forums can all be transfered into one of the Wordpress Forum plugins, so all of the topics and posts will be transfered.

With the new forums you will be able to rate replies and give credit to members that you feel are helpful.

What about members?
Members have also been transfered, but if you are a current member when the new Whakapapa Club is live, you will have to reset your password.

The reason is because when you signed up you would have typed in your password - for example mypassword. The Whakapapa Club system then encrypts the password and stores it something like @##$GFRDGtgedtte%$#% and we do not have a way to get your original password. When we transfer members the encrypted password gets encrypted again. This is why it will not work at the new Whakapapa Club.

The new member system will also allow members to search for members and put other information up. We have decided that most of that information will only be viewable if you are logged in.

Your profile page has major changes - similar to a facebook page.

What if my email address has changed since I signed up?
If you are reading this before the transfer, then update your email address by logging in, then clicking the Edit Profile link on the left hand side column then update your email address.

If you are reading this after the transfer, go to the the Papa Panui at and sign in there. Send a Private Message to maoriorgnz giving your new email address and we will update your email address at the new Whakapapa Club.

What will happen to all of the links?
These have been transfered to a link plugin.

What about the whakapapa information?
This has all been transfered over, as well as re-written.

What will happen to all of the lists?
After working with a plugin author, the webmaster has got all of the lists transfered over. The new list system is easier to use, so we feel it is an improvement on the current system.

Will we still be able to add lists?
This is something that our webmaster has yet to work out.

What will happen to the email directories?
As the webmaster could not find a plugin compatible with the information in the email directories, one has been written to the coding standards of Wordpress.

The advantage now will be that these records will automatically be searched when you do a search - you will not have to be in the directories to search them.

What will happen to the research archives?
The Original News Board 2003 - 2004 has a plugin written so all of that information will be available. But what is really exciting is that some posts on the original board from 2000 as well as 2002 have been found! This means more information for whakapapa will become available. Also this will be searchable through the main site search and not in a different search area.

The Original Whakapapa Club Forums and the Original Forums will not be available initially. However, the webmaster thinks that it will be possible to transfer them into the new forums but does not want to atempt that before the main transfer has been done. If this is done, they will only be there for archival purposes and will not be open for posting. If you were a member then with the same username and you are a current member, your posts from that time will be credited to you. But there will be more about all of that once the webmaster knows it can be done.

What the names been researched list?
At this point in time will no longer be. However, that list was created by the topics in the forums, so the information has not been lost.

What about the old whanau records?
These may be added in at a later date. The webmaster will need to write a plugin for these and link the old users from before the crash with the records.

If there are any other things you would like to know, or comments you would like to make, feel free to post below.

Edited: 6 months  ago

Heoi ano, Team
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Posted : 16 December, 2017 12:00 am
Trusted Member

Kia ora - this sounds great!

Just wondering in the avatars will be transfered?

Also if you need someone to testdrive before it goes live, I can awhi 🙂

Nau te raurau,
Naku te raurau,
Ka ora ai nga tangata!
Together we will get there!

Posted : 17 December, 2017 12:00 am

Tested transfering the avatars, but new system wants larger files so doesn't work properly. However, people can upload their own avatars.

May xfer the currnet ones over in the meantime

Whakapapa Club
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Posted : 19 December, 2017 12:00 am

Kia ora,

After working all night to get our new site live we ran into problems with the forums - you could see them unless you logged in to post!

We are restoring the old Whakapapa Club and as whanau and Christmas is coming, we will make another attempt after New Year.

This will also give us time to re-think how we can do it - we may have to build the site live on the Whakapapa Club website, which will take a couple of days.

Finally, as this is a time for whanau, it would be a good chance to talk to other whanau members about whakapapa. Try , "Hmm, I wonder where our great grandmother comes from" or something similar and see what information you get Smile

I saw a nice slogan on a whanau site recently:
See you in the tree Grin

Heoi ano, Team
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Posted : 20 December, 2017 1:07 am

The Whakapapa Club has come of age so is moving out of to it's own domain. This has made the transfering of the data far easier.

We have found that we have over 20,000 names in the lists - didn't know that - and are currently linking them so that if you are looking at births in Northland for example, at the bottom of a very long page there are links to other northland records.

The Email Directories and the Original News Board (which both had there own search place as could not be searched from the main search) have now been combined into the main search.

The current Avatars have been transfered over.

In the new forum system (the tranfering of our current forums has worked) you can like posts as well as subscribe to them. YOu will also be able to tag members. The forum has a seperate search but you can access either the main search or the forum search from any page.

The Original Whakapapa Club forums will not be moved at this point in time - the webmaster wants to get the main transfering done, then put the Original Forum into the new forum so that it will be searchable from one of the two forums instead of having a different search place.

Our new site is webamster friendly at the moment so we need a couple more days to get it user friendly.

The new site will be live by 9am Sunday Morning (Aotearoa Time).

Heoi ano, Team
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Posted : 11 January, 2018 1:07 am

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