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APERAHAMA / ABRAHAM / Tahunui-a-rangi  

BlueMags OWC
New Member

Researching whakapapa.

I am looking for information about Tahunui-a-rangi Aperahama (born abt. 1873 in Hawkes Bay?) married to Whakahinga Huatau (born abt. 1874).

If anyone can help me with my ancestors I would be very grateful.


Posted : 18 February, 2006 7:35 pm
Grant Pahia OWC
New Member

Hi, I am familiar with the names from my own research and time I spent with a kuia named Mere Raymond. She has passed on now. I am a little unsure about the birth dates you have given. The first Aperahama Tahunuiarangi was born well before 1873. I am guessing the first Aperahama would have been married to Huatau because his son of the same name married the daughter of Eruera Taika, from memory her name was Rawinia. These people were all from Nga Wairiki and Ngati Apa, from up the Whangaehu Valley. This is south of Whanganui. Kauangaroa Marae is the last Marae in the area - check out the Ngati Apa website www.ngatiapa.iwi.nz Also, there is a Lindauer portrait of the first Aperahama Tahunuiarangi in the Whanganui Regional Museum which is owned by his descendants.

Posted : 13 April, 2006 8:45 pm