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Cook, Tiraha  

Rachelle OWC
New Member

I am a descendent of Eliza Cook, Tiraha's daughter, and I was wondering if anyone had any information that may help me trace more information. If so I would greatly appreaciate it.

Posted : 17 November, 2006 1:52 pm
taimona OWC
Active Member

I am also a descendent of Eliza. The Cook Whanau recently had a reunion (which i didn't attend unfortunately). e-mail at james.kas@paradise.net.nz

Posted : 17 November, 2006 7:54 pm
kengeorgenz OWC
New Member

I'm a descendent of Edward Cook whom, as far as I can tell from the written charts I have, was Eliza Cook's brother. They show Edward as a son of William Cook and Tiraha and go back many generations earlier than them. Email me on kengeorgenz@gmail.com with your postal address and I'll photocopy the charts and send them to you.

Posted : 07 December, 2006 1:30 pm
KiwiMum OWC
New Member

I too am of the Cook whanau. My grandfather was Edward William Cook who, I believe was the last surviving whaler in New Zealand and lived in Hikurangi, Northland but was originally from Waikare in the Bay of Islands. My mother was his daughter Minnie (Bates) who also lived in Hikurangi. My grandad married Hira Waetford and I'd like any information that I can get on her whanau please. At this stage I know nothing of them.

Posted : 06 February, 2007 11:47 pm
wiremupoutu OWC
Active Member

Kia ora Rachelle..My name is Wiremu Poutu,i am from Waikare,i have little bit of korero on William Cook & Tiraha Taura from a old land claim,i also have a Whakapapa chart on Tiraha side,the COOK'S from Waikare are also Known as KUKU.

In the Kapowai area on the south side of the Waikare inlet at least 4 pakeha claims converged,they were WILLIAM COOK(127),George Greenway(202),M Whytlaw(520) and S.A Wood(536)at in close proximity.

Two of the claims COOK'S and Greenway resulted in surveyed grants,the boundaries of which are identified.The other two resulted in scrip claims awards for Whytlaw and Wood,since the scrip claims usually weren't surveyed,they were fertile fields for generating boundary disputes,so it proved at Kapowai where these disputes raged on for almost 80 years before the crown conceded a settlement.

Even in the case of the best established claim,that of William COOK at Pahiko,boundary disputes arose,by 1840 COOK had already resided in New Zealand for 17 years working as a ships 'carpenter',repairing vessels at various anchorages around the Bay.In 1824 he married TIRAHA,a women of considerable authority within the Kapotai Hapu of Waikare.By 1840 they had eight children and were living at Orare point on the North side of the Waikare inlet,a popular anchorage for visting trading and whaling ships,COOK claimed 40 arces around Orare point residence and 200 arces across the inlet at Pahiko to provide a inheritance for his children,in presenting oral evidence in support of his Pahiko claim in 1842,COOK indicated..

172-Cook to Colonial Secretary,NSW,6 November 1840,OLC 1/126-127;Lee,Bay Of Islands,p287

I have allowed the Natives[to]cultivate and stay on part of this land but with a clear understanding that i was to have full possession of the whole of the land when ever i required it..

Godfrey and Richmond took no notice of the continued maori occupancy at Pahiko in recommending a 200-arce grant there for COOK and his Heirs.Pi and Kapotai,as leading Waikare Rangatira,both supported COOK'S claim.COOK had obviously acquired a respected position in Maori society through his family and valuable skills,so the commissioners had less reason to anticipate disputes arising from their recommendation.Had surveyors established the boundaries of COOKS grant with Maori cooperation during the 1840,disputes may have well been avoided.However,since Governor FitzRoy enable Claimants to obtain unsurveyed grants as a result of commissioner recommendations,COOK had no incentive to pay for what could be a exspensive survey..

173-W COOK,sworn statement,21 February 1842,OLC 1/126-127.COOK signed his name with a "e" in 1842 but later dropped it

178-COOK,sworn statement,Bell memo,19 March 1858,OLC 1/126-127

That's all the info they had on William COOK and TIRAHA hope it helps you out,TIRAHA is From


Ko Ngaiotonga Te Maunga
Ko Waikare Te Awa
Ko Turuki Te Marae
Ko Te Aranga O Te Paa Te Whare Tuupuna
Ko Te Huihuinga Te Wharehui
Ko Te Kapotai Te Hapu
Ko Ngapuhi Te Iwi
Ko Ngatokimatawhaorua Te Waka

If u would like that Whakapapa Chart on Tiraha e-mail me at wiremupoutu@cler.net.nz or deniseripi@clear.net.nz..Ma Te Wa..Ngapuhi Nui Tonu

Posted : 07 February, 2007 9:46 am