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Daisy Jenkins  

allikat1 OWC
Active Member

Kia Ora koutou, my name is Allister Walker and I am Te Whanau a Apanui, Ngati Porou and Ngati Kahungunu. It is my whanau from Wairoa that I am trying to get info on.

Here's the thing; My mother, Kathleen, was brought up from pillar to post and she knows nothing of her roots. The only name I have to go on is my maternal grandmother Daisy Jenkins (nee Gibson). The only things I know of her is that she was born in Dargaville and she lived in Frasertown with her husband Jack Jenkins, who was not my grandfather. They moved to Napier in later years.

People from Wairoa that knew her would probably be in the 40-50yr + age range. She died in 1980 and was apparently in her mid to late 70's at the time.

Now I am going to try and list all my Aunties and Uncles on Mum's side. The oldest was Fay (I think she's dead), Aunty Hine (Mrs Hori, lives in Rotorua), Uncle Billy, Uncle Waka Walker (who used to be the caretaker at Wairoa; his first wife was Betty Chamberlain, who my sister is named after. He then married Aunty Willie, not sure where she was from. He passed away about 2 years ago) and my Mum

Uncle Johnny (the first of the Jenkins', died in Feilding not long ago and had children who were brought up in Invercargill), Aunty Yvonne (Married Max Beer and passed away 1989, owned the big fruit shed on Frasertown Rd, by the Wairoa racecourse), Aunty Sylvia (Married Colin Morton and has since moved back to Wairoa after the death of Her second husband, Barry Jeffries), Aunty Viv (Married Jim Kyle, whose mother used to be the matron at Wairoa hospital, lives on a farm at Nuhaka), Uncle Mike (Married someone from Ruikaturi, lives in Wairoa) and the baby Uncle David (was a school teacher in Napier for yonks, was a Hawke's Bay tennis champ, rugby rep and a good sportsman) He passed away a week before my father in 2005.

My mother was btought up in Hangaroa (by Tiniroto, on the way to Gisborne), Frasertown and out by Lake Tutira; there may have been other places, but I forgot them. Mum went to Frasertown School, Hangaroa School and Waihua Native School.

There are some other people who havce posted a thread on Waaka Ngamira, who is buried at the urupa at Ruataniwha marae. This was the man who Mum believed her father was, but when my Aunty Ina Hamilton (nee Walker) was dying she told my sisters that our real grandfather was a Gemmell from Mohaka, and i've also been told that he owned a shoe shop) Mum was born in 1939, so only kuia or kaumatua would be able to know who my koro was.

I haven't been back to Wairoa for about 8 years, since Mum's 60th and I need to go back there and see if I can discover the truth. I am a keen whakapapa person and hold most of my whanau whakapapa, even though I am the youngest of my cousins.

It would be a wonderful thing if I could suss out Mum's whakapapa as I have all of Dad's, somehow the job only feels half completed. I have been told by some people from Wairoa that I look like a Gemmell and people have picked Mum for one as well. That may be a coincidence, but if I am not a Gemmell, perhaps someone could point me in the right direction to my real whanau.

Again, I guess everything happened so long ago that anyone who knew my grandmother quite well, would be thin on the ground these days. I would encourage anyone who is familiar with any of the people I have mentioned here to get in touch with me and we can go from there; It would be very much appreciated as this is a matter very dear to me and has caused me considerable torment and anguish in terms of not knowing where I belong. I would like to find out and put all those negative feelings to rest.

Posted : 12 February, 2007 12:25 pm
Active Member

Kia ora Allikat1,

I will see an Aunty here in Matata who was from Wairoa. Her mother still lives there and Aunty Venus has told me some Whakapapa from there before. Ironically Aunty Venus married Andre Paterson. His mother was Aunty Maggie, grand daughter of Ben Savage. I will get onto it e hoa.

Posted : 12 February, 2007 6:14 pm
allikat1 OWC
Active Member

Kia Ora Donna2547 are you a machine or
Kia Ora Donna2547- are you a machine or
something? Gee you know a lot of people. I have heard of Venus and Andre Paterson, Andre is a whanaunga of mine and I believe he had a lot to do with the Savage Family reunion at Onepu.

My parents went to that; I was living in Rotorua at the time, but was working weekends at the time. One of my workmates went; Grant (Skip) Savage, yet another cuzzie. I was also wondering if you knew Wally Walters, whose mother was Mihi Koruma Walters/Savage? He grew up with my first cousin Andrew Wilson, they played for Western Heights 1st XV and Waikite together. Oh yes, I forgot to mention that I played for Waikite for six years and am a staunch supporter still! I used to get heaps from all my cousins in the Eastern Bay of Plenty because I played for them, but I was still proud, Anyway; if you're Alec Wilson's nephew, you don't get much of a choice!

I think Wally still works at Waikeria Prison, and he is also a Savage. Anyways, thanks for your korero and I hope to hear from you again soon.
Ka Kite Ano

Posted : 12 February, 2007 11:33 pm
ang y OWC
Active Member

Hi Allister,
Can I just ask you a bit about your Gibson side.. Do you know anything about that side? Any Gibson names from Dargaville or Ruawai etc?
Trying to track my mums family..!

Posted : 08 October, 2007 3:08 pm