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Douglas, Titi or Titi Titi: Mother of John Douglas  

New Member

Kia ora

I'm trying to locate John Douglas' (junior) mother, who according to his marriage certificate from 1887 in Okete was called Titi Douglas, or possibly Tititi, and possibly called Titi Titi prior to her marriage to John Douglas (senior). From the marriage certificate from BD&M there is limited info, but from a photocopy of the original I could just about read in the notes section of her entry the words 'Alb. Katore' which I have no idea what it means...

According to the certificate her son John Douglas ( DOB 1860 @ Raglan ) who normally lived in Waitetuna was married at 27 at the Wesleyan Church in Okete on the 4th of May 1887 to Julia Letitia Sunderland who was 21 and lived in Whatawhata. Apparently Titi's son John Douglas was 1/2 blood Maori, therefore I'm assuming Titi's husband John Douglas was presumably Pakeha and she was full blood Maori. My mother was apparently told once by her great uncle Sam that she was Ngati Mahanga, and I'm keen to find out more about her.

Her son John Douglas and his wife Julia Letitia Sunderland had a daughter Ivy Virginia Tititi Douglas born on 11.03.1888 in Waitetuna, she was married 13.05.1908 in Ohaupo. According to other research I've done it is possible that her parents John and Julia moved to Hamilton in 1899, were living in Ohaupo in 1910, were living in Te Awamutu in 1913 and back in Ohaupo in 1914.

I have my whakapapa up to her son John Douglas, and only the briefest mention of her and her husband John Douglas, and would very much like to find out more abou ther so I can understand my place in the great scheme of things. I was adopted when very young and taken to the UK when only 1, and only returned to Aotearoa a year and a half ago and met my birth mother for the first time. She has fully traced the pakeha side of the family back all across Europe to something crazy like the 11th century for some branches of the family, but doesn't seem to have traced the Maori side of the family which I find a real shame, and the only part I am really interested in...

Any help or pointers would be welcomed! I'm contemplating driving down to Omaero Marae in Whatawhata if I can't find any links, as it was mentioned in the 'Maori peoples of New Zealand' book mentioning the Ngati Mahanga in the Tainui / Waikato section, and I'm hoping that the mention of Ngati Mahanga turns out to be true. To be honest I'm still a bit fresh of the boat having grown up in the UK and feel a little anxious that as I have little insight into Marae protocols I might clumsily do something wrong and offend someone...

Thanks, hope you can help me find out who I am!

W xx xxx

Posted : 28 August, 2007 12:45 am
kotare OWC
Active Member

hello Meta 23,
You could look at the Douglas site which is mentioned on this site, Im doubtful that it is your whanau, but you never know. Kotare

Posted : 22 September, 2007 7:18 pm
kotare OWC
Active Member

go to tikiwiki douglasfamily on google. Cheers,Kotare

Posted : 22 September, 2007 7:24 pm