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FERGUSON/KELLY/SULLIVAN Any Northlanders out there? HELP!  

ang y OWC
Active Member

I have spent hours and hours and can not find any trace of my Nanas Great Grandmother.
My Nanas great grandmother was born either in Waihou Valley, Hokianga, Kaikohe or Russell in 1823.
Her name was Erina Ferguson. According to documents her first name could be Elina or Erana and apparently she was a Maori lady. She married Thomas Kelly who apparently was also a Maori man but I don't know where he was from.
Erina's mother was Elizabeth Ferguson (maiden name Sullivan) and I don't know anything about her.
Erina married 3 times and had 15 children so somewhere out there someone must know of her!!!! He children included Samuel and Jane Louise.
Erina died in 1936 in Tangaihi where apparently she lived for 65 years. When she died she had 2 brothers who lived in the Bay of Islands somewhere...
Descendents of hers in 1931 when she died included Geo Bailey from Dargaville, J Gibson from Ruawai, William and Chas Thompson from Tangaihi, T McNamara from Dargaville, Maude Marston from Tangaihi. J Wilson from Ruawai, A Harvey from Dargaville, Eileen Anderson from Auckland, M Pucar from Tangaihi.
I would say that probably none of these people are alive but their children or grandchildren might be..
Please help me..someone must know something!!

Posted : 08 October, 2007 2:01 pm
Active Member

just a suggestion. Look up the white pages for the people that live in Tangaihi. If she lived there for 65 years there could be someone who can help.

good luck,

Posted : 16 October, 2007 9:34 pm
pcsourcepoint OWC
Active Member

Maybe try the NZ archives at http://archway.archives.govt.nz/. Start by using the simple search and enter the names to search. Also enter tiltles (e.g. Birth Idex, Kaikohe, Kaikohe Deaths, etc) in the keywords box under advanced search. Though hundreds of documents may appear - but with titles only. Then you need to email NZ Archives for more info to view relevant documents..

I found a document relating to my Grandfather at this site...

Posted : 16 October, 2007 9:51 pm