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Katene whakapapa line's from Whanganui  

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Kia ora to those who will read this panui. I am trying to link my whanau to our tupuna and this may be the missing link. Or you may be able to shed some light on the subject and lead the research in another direction.

This is the story.
Takarangi of whanganui (circa 1770) had a son... no name given (circa 1800). Te Puoho Oterangi (Circa 1770) a principle chief of Ngati Tama lived at Puke-aruhe near the white cliffs in Taranaki. He married his daughter to a son of Takarangi of Whanganui. The incident is known as "Te kiri-parareka."
The story is too long to place here.

I would like to know Takarangi son's name and Te Pouho Oterangi daughters name, if the marriage produced any children, and who they were. The Katene name that I have links to Nga Ruahine, Ngati Haua and Ngati Ruanui of Taranaki. My Great grandfather was Pi Katene who had two (2) brothers Karere and Tapuirangi.

Missing links Takarangi (Circa 1770) Te Puoho Oterangi (circa 1777 - 1839)
Son (Circa 1800) = Daughter?

My whakapapa. Karere Katene 1st (circa 1799) = Paenui
Wiremu Katene Tu Whakaruru = Piniu they had three (3) sons
Pi Katene, Karere, Tapuirangi

The time line seem to match.

Takarangi Metekingi was a leading Negotiator during colonialisation of Aotearoa.

Wiremu Katene Tu whakaruru was a Lieutenant of Titokowaru in the Taranaki lands wars and our history moves on from there.

Other links relating to Katene name here are:





I know it is asking alot of those willing to help in my panui and the other links, but original source files would cement the foundations of our whakapapa.
Thanking you all in advance for you co-operation.

Posted : 27 July, 2007 2:17 pm