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MAIHI (TE HUHU), Wairama and PARATENE, Mihi: Tracing Tupuna  

Tiaa OWC
Active Member

Kia Ora

I am looking for my great great grandfathers family for our family tree. His name was Wairama Maihi (Te Huhu). His first wife was Ripene Allan. His second wife was Mihi Paratene and they had five children. from one of these five children i descend from.

I am looking for his ancestry and his first wives ancestry. All that i know is that he came from Dargaville area and that the name (Te Huhu) had some sort of high rank, this i am pretty unsure of.

Any information would be much appreciated, also any family members from Ripene Allan. I do not know whether they had children or not but information would also be appreciated


Posted : 08 February, 2005 4:55 pm
pearlau OWC
Active Member

Tena Koe Tiaa

I do not any direct answers for you, but as per Poutokomanawa's suggestion as a starting point for searching whanau/tupuna check out the below site.


I have taken the liberty, to paste, the below info from Poutokomanawa's response to my posting.

When you search for a tupuna who only has one name, put that name in the surname box as that is how you find tupuna with one name only.

The best way to confirm where a whanau is from is through the Maori Land Court (MLC) records, as land is usually inherited through whakapapa and blood.

Good luck

Posted : 10 February, 2005 9:51 pm
tehikumaoriparty OWC
New Member

Kia Ora Tiaa, Ka mihi aroha kia Koe. I am from Ahipara. I am not sure if you know where Ahipara is, but it is 15 minutes west of Kaitaia. First find Kaitaia, then head west to Ahipara. When At Ahipara find Roma Road. On Roma Road is a anglican church and cemetry. This Anglican church is the only church other the Ratana temple or church on Roma Road. On Roma Road is also a Marae.
Ko Roma te Marae, Ko Te Ohaki te Whare Tupuna.
At this Anglican Church which is in a cemetry.
Walk straight up the concrete steps that lead to to the church door. As you get to the very top of these stairs, on the right you will see the tomb stones of two rangatira. They are Henare Natanahira and your tupuna who you are seeking.
Wairama Maihi Te Huhu.Tena Koe Tiaa.
Tiaa after you have spent time by your tupuna
go to the bottom of these stairs again and donot go out the gate. Instead turn right and this will lead you to the descendants of your tupuna.
Turn right and follow the fence line until you come to another gateway. Turn right and follow the pathway up the side of a hill, follow it left slightly until you can see some tombstones below or beside a rock wall.
They should be Sharon Toi (Wairama Maihi daughter was Heni who Married Barnie Snowden and one of their sons was Sonny Snowden-Sharon is Sonny and Ngaire Snowden Daughter)
Next to Sharon is her father and Mother -Sonny and Ngaire Snowden.
Next to Sonny and Ngaire Snowden is Simon and Dolly Snowden. Simon was Sonnys elder brother.
Simon was the eldest son of Heni Snowden (Wairama
Maihi daughter)
Next to Simon and Dolly is Darcy Snowden. Simons first cousins son. Before you go any further look back towards the gate and towards the left there are tombstones just to the left of you. There you will also find another brother of simon and sonny. This brother name is Andy Snowden and his wife Lena.
Back next to Darcy is Kino Pera - She was the sister of Simon, Sonny and Andy. Next to her is Dianne Snowden who was the wife of Simons first cousin Bill.
Now continue following the path up the hill, at the top make you way to the tombstones that directly above simon and sonny tombstones. You will find Heni or Jane Snowden, the daughter of Wairama Maihi. The Mother of Simon, Sonny, Robin Wairama Snowden ( who is buried next to her)Andy and Kino.Follow the path back the way you came and you will see the Snowdens and Maihi and Marshs.Wairama Maihi also had a son Eru and his children are the Marsh who are buried there.
The children of Heni and Eru who are alive and live at Ahipara are Bella Walters (Eru Marsh Daughter)whos husband is Peter Walters.Also Rose Clark (Heni Daughter) who Married Selwyn Clark.
Simon Snowden son Paul lives at Ahipara. The family of Robin Wairama Snowden live in Ahipara.
The daughters and son of Sonny Snowden live in Ahipara. Go to the Bidz takeways and ask for pollyann and she will tell you where to find the whanau. Her mother was another daughter of Eru Marsh. Well I must finish her all the best and will doubt meet up with you and your whanau. I will come to this site.
Just one last thing Wairama Maihi Te Huhu was known sometimes are Wairama Maihi and his children carried the Marsh name or Maihi.


Posted : 12 March, 2005 2:06 pm
daph1 OWC
New Member

Kia ora whanau. A correction for the previous posting from Maryanne to Tia. Eru Maihi is my great grandfather and he was married to Rosie,nee Grant of Ngati Rehua. Heni (Jane) was his daughter. Ka kite ano

Posted : 28 May, 2006 3:25 am
ngati_kuri@hotmail.com OWC
Eminent Member

What wonderful information you gave Tehiku. It would be great if I could get such a gem first query. I have just been up north looking for descendants of Raiha Te Maihia (married 1865 in Peria) and was told our ancestry is also Maihi. Not sure of family location but the whanau above should be chuffed with your reply.

Posted : 28 May, 2006 11:13 am
libra_mum OWC
New Member

Kia ora whanau
I have an enquiry for another whanau member in Aussie. She's looking for her Maihi side.
Her father was Patrick Wairama Maihi, Her grand father was Reihana Aperere Maihi( born in Kaikohe)married Rene Hetekia Tane.Her great grand father was Aperere Maihi who married Rongo Pou. Does any of the names ring a bell for anyone?

Posted : 06 November, 2007 1:08 am