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Te Kuini OWC
New Member


Kia ora

I am looking for information about my tupuna, Joseph Northover and Heneriata Ryland.
Joseph Northover came from Northover, Yeovil area in Somerset. He lived in County Cork, Ireland and sailed here as part of HMRS circa 1840. He docked in Wanganui and there, his first family still reside. With his knowledge about seamanship he moved to Tokomaru Bay where he married Henrietta Ryland. There son was Eru Tio Northover.

I would be grateful for any info about Henrietta Ryland.

Na reira Mere Kirihimete tatou katoa!

Posted : 18 December, 2005 2:39 pm
Eminent Member

Tena koe Te Kuini
I bookmarked your post because of your tupuna's names, Northover and Ryland. Earlier in the year I had korero with my Nan and remembered her mention these names in her korero. I think her father married a Northover/Ryland. His name was George Valentine Dewes. I hope you dont mind if I keep watch and join in whenever, I will be seeing the whanau, and will ask them about that side of the whanau. Kia ora koe

peaceful regard

Posted : 25 December, 2005 1:51 pm
huihana OWC
Active Member

Tena koe Te Kuini,
I have a contact for you to call she will be able to help.
Marjorie Rangiwai Thompson:06 8677846.
Her mother was Nemahi Te Iwi Ngaro

Posted : 10 January, 2006 12:13 am
Eminent Member

Kia ora Huihana and Te Kuini,
I am a little bit more informed than I was after I first answered this post Christmas day 2005, and wondered if you could tell me how old is Marjorie Thompson as I would also like to make whakapapa enquiries, regarding either Joseph Northover/ Heneriatta Ryland, Eru Tio Northover or Heeni Northover. Kia ora

peaceful regard

Posted : 21 September, 2006 12:43 am
Active Member

Kia ora Te Kuini,

My whanau also come from Toko - POTAE Whanau. I last visited Toko last march - doing a bit of research on my whakapapa. BUT I have recently found out that my husband works with a John MURPHY and we have been chatting a little and he says that his grandfather's name is Joseph RYLAND from Toko; the surname was changed to REIHANA. I hope that this helps.
Goodluck with your search.


Posted : 30 January, 2007 4:01 pm
Celia Ryland OWC
New Member

Kia Ora Whaea
My name is Celis Ryland, my dad was Matt Ryland from Toko, he was also Known as Pipi baby Ryland. His dad was Mattia Ryland he married a Meihana from Nuhaka. Hope this helps a bit.
Oh yeah I've got a cousin called Henrietta, she's my dads neice. Henrietta married a Maxwell from Toko. kia ora

Posted : 01 February, 2007 1:35 am
fishermen1964 OWC
New Member

Kia ora Cuz, Te Kuini
My father was first cousins to Uncle Matt Ryland. Daniel Kopua Ryland. The Dewes, Thompson names rings bells however Reihana is a first but it is a coasties name. I suggest you contact a Kohanga Reo in Wainuiamata and ask for Henrietta Maxwell ... she wont be there but everyone there knows her and maybe able to help I cant really give you a number over here I dont think. Henri will gladly talk to you about it then you can let us know how it went.


Posted : 10 May, 2007 2:13 am
Braveheart OWC
Active Member

kia ora koutou
I too whakapapa back to
Joseph Northover / Henerietta Ryland.
I have this to add:
Eru Tio Northover married Tangwairua Merearihi Nikamu
they had a daughter
Heni Tawhai Northover who married Eruera Moeke Tuari
These are my grandparents. They lived at Whareponga on the East Coast.
If anyone has any more to add I would be interested as I am too trying to find my Dads whakapapa on the Tuari side.
Look forward to the talk ahead.

Posted : 04 August, 2007 11:22 am
New Member

Kia ora everyone,

My name is Taania Northover joseph is also know as Josiah Northover heneriatta ryland 

This is what i also have to add eru tio Northover and tangiwairua nikamu had 10 children my grandfather been one of the oldest

Wiremu Te karuwha Northover married Ema Northover these are my grandparents they had 8 children. They lived in Waipiro Bay where my aunties and uncles were born and raised and some of my 1st cousins but later uplifted the whole family moved towards palmy later settling in Hastings hawkes bay this is where most of our whanau remain today. But what I know is my dad's 1st cousin who is a northover still lives in tokomaru bay. My mother is also from Tokomaru Bay she is a Delamere but her grandmother was henare potae granddaughter but links thru both her parents. Her younger brother still to this day remains in waima in parua rd still to this day. To my understanding henerietta also was known by another name 

Posted : 17 March, 2019 10:43 am