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Paerata, Mei  

May P Coleman OWC
New Member

Tena koetou
I, we the mokopuna,s of the soveriegn chief and heads of the tribes of Aotearoa, declare our country, which is hereby constituted and declared an independent state.
There is a recognized legal foundation document of the soveriegn Maori nation, this legal document gives legal affirmation for Maori law/lore essential for the foundation of our nation Aotearoa.
Aroha mai.
My whakapapa is a direct link to Paerata and Mihiawa. Anyone with whakapapa of the soviergn chiefs please make contact with me.

Posted : 02 May, 2006 1:39 pm
Tiaki_nohi OWC
Active Member

Sovereign chiefs? Never heard of them. Who the hell do you think you are making decisions for the rest of us. Pull your head out of your arse. I don't need anyone telling me they are a chief. For christ sake, we are all descended chiefs.

Posted : 03 May, 2006 4:08 am
pono OWC
Eminent Member

to may
who is the sovereign chief of your whakapapa?

Posted : 03 May, 2006 5:31 pm
Eminent Member

I think its called a "Dictatorship" when your not democratically elected by the people you wish to govern. It was bad enough we had to endure it in the name of Colonisation and ignorance but today we assume people know better, especially our own people. There would be few of maori origin who cant claim some connection to good bloodlines but that alone has never been the deciding factor on who was fit to lead, so take off your Tiara and get your mop out... hard work for the common man impresses most of us way more than artificial airs and graces, the crowing rooster is always the first to swim in a boiling pot

Posted : 03 May, 2006 8:13 pm
Purerehua OWC
Active Member

Kia Ora koutou,

Well, what interesting replies. Actually I found it quite saddening to read. I thought that the kaupapa of this site was to tautoko and to awhi.(??) E hoa Tiaki Nohi, I think your reply was disgraceful and unneccesary. I very much doubt you would say this to one of your kaumatua face to face...???hmmm... Exactly which decisions are you talking about that have been made by May?

I'm not sure where the word "Dictatorship" comes into things Markonijoy - Its seems that the panui is straightforward - reply or not, the choice is yours. Surely this decision is left to the individual. As for the "artificial airs and graces" statement you made - please state exactly where in the panui that it applies???. What do you know of the mahi o May???
Kaua e kaiwhakawaa.

Posted : 04 May, 2006 12:44 am
Tiaki_nohi OWC
Active Member

Well actually, i say what i think. Isnt that marae protocol. Say what you like, as long as you are ready to take the consequences?
Hell i've heard worse than that from the paepae.

Posted : 04 May, 2006 3:04 am
kuri OWC
Active Member

Kia ora;

Yes the document you describe exists, and it was valid for a time.

What precisely are you proposing by reasserting a Declaration of Independence was made by a Confederation of Chiefs?

What changed the socio political climate in Aotearoa so drastically that they were prepared to enter into a Treaty with the British in 1840?

Many of the same chiefs who signed the Declaration of Independence, were persuaded to sign the Treaty.

Why, what changed?

By 1840 there was no way of turning the tide of European migration to our shores thats what. Our tupuna had to try and choose the best European power to govern us under the best terms possible for their people. Not a decision that I would relish making on behalf of my people.

Look what happened to Japan in 1853 when they were forced to open their doors, or the Chinese during the similar period of history and both these cultures were further advanced technologically and politically than we were.

Are we so arrogant to believe that our taiaha or waka could match the huge technological and numerical advantages of the Europeans. We could not unite under one banner and we are no different today.

A bit of trivia here Genghis Khans mitochondrial DNA exists in one in 200 males that are walking the earth today; does this mean they are should all inherit the lands conquered by their forebear? I think not for you will find that Genghis Khan believed in a meritocracy and advancement through merit.

By the way, let us not forget that through merit, and not birthright did Maui outstrip the deeds of his brothers.

Just because our ancestors were great men or women does not make us great, it is what we choose to do today that will add lustre to a fine heritage.

ka kite


"...your grandfather may have been tall, but you will have to do your own growing."

Posted : 04 May, 2006 4:01 am