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Papahurihia or Te Atua Wera  

inz OWC
New Member

Does anyone know anything about him?.

He is one of my Tupuna from Omanaia

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Posted : 26 February, 2008 11:41 am
Active Member

Your tūpuna was famous in Ngāpuhi. There is quite a lot written about him. He died in 1875. He was a highly skilled tohunga who communicated with the deity Nakahi by means of whistled messages.

For detailed information recorded and submitted by your whānau, see Ngā Tāngata Taumata Rau 1769 to 1869 Pages 97 to 101. Together with the kōrero is a waiata.

When you go to your cemetery you will find his tombstone halfway along the ridgeline. It is the only stone that faces Northward. All the others face to the East.

Posted : 02 March, 2008 4:54 pm