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Paratene, Hone Hinga, Hinga  

Hinga Whanau
Active Member

Kia ora,

I realise one other person has also put the call out to anyone who may be able to add some light on this whanau. Information is quite scarce and therefore difficult to obtain even amongst whanau members. I am continuing to search for information regarding Hone Tiwhi Paratene who married Akinihi Waata Mohi.

Their offspring were known as Hone Hinga (having dropped Paratene) although Hone and wife Akinihi did name a son Paratene Hone Hinga (my great grandfather). Last name variations later included Paratene Hinga and today many are simply known as Hinga.

Some suggestions have been made that my great great grandfather Hone Tiwhi Paratene may in fact be related to the Paratene's from Ahipara. This being the case, the trick is finding the link.

Any assistance as always would be most appreciated.

Posted : 04 November, 2006 11:05 pm
ngati_kuri@hotmail.com OWC
Eminent Member

I tautoko your search for the link!

During the Ngati Kuri Kotahitanga I will carry a big note book!

I have been told there are two definite family lines of Hinga & Hone Hinga.

Posted : 06 November, 2006 7:59 am
Retimana OWC
Eminent Member

Tena Koe Korua,


Posted : 12 November, 2006 8:44 am
Hinga Whanau
Active Member

Kia ora Retimana. Awesome whakapapa site!

Posted : 17 November, 2006 9:34 am
Ngati Tu OWC
Active Member

Tena koutou e te roopu Hinga,

Anei toku whakapapa Paratene no Te Aupouri...

Te Ngo Paratene no Te Aupouri

Wiri Paratene no Te Aupouri

Mita Paratene no Ahipara

Hepa Mita Paratene noho ana ki Tamaki inaianei

Eparaima Paratene.

Anei toku whaea tupuna

Ngoi Paratene also known as {Mere Puna}no Ngati Kuri she married Te Ngo Paratene

Rihi Tutangiora also known as {Hariata}no Te Aupouri married Wiri Paratene

Edith Waite was a English war bride married my grandfather Mita Paratene they moved down to Ahipara and settled there.

Then my father Hepa Paratene married Ata-Ratapu from Waikare Bay of Islands. My father is the oldest of his whanau at 85. Hope this helps your whanau, thats pretty much it in a nutshell. Info given from my oldest brother who has settled in Ahipara. We have a whanau website which will show you my fathers whanau and the next generation down. Koina noiho noho ora mai.......

Posted : 18 November, 2006 5:50 pm
Hinga Whanau
Active Member

Kia ora Ngati Tu,

Thanks so much for your information. Its fantastic! And it does help our whanau. At the very least it gives us more reason to have a cuppa and talk about the new leads you have given. All the very best to you and your whanau this Christmas season.

Posted : 04 December, 2006 5:16 pm