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POI Whanau: born in Tikitiki  

kimo OWC
New Member

My Grandma is Miriama Poi from tikitiki. I'm looking for any one with information on her parents who were born or lived in Tikitiki
Father name: Teopaipa (joe) Poi and
mothers name: Karangawai Hanakawhi these are my Great grand parents.
Does anyone know or remember there whakapapa? I would love to know about my grandmother as she died while I was very young She was married to Charlie Ormsby in Tauranga.

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Posted : 25 February, 2005 4:07 pm
Trusted Member

Kia ora kimo,

If you go to www.familysearch.org and put poi in the surname and set the country to New Zealand you will find records there of Poi whanau from Tikitiki. If you go through the records you may be able to piece them together. Note though that not all inoformation in the familysearch site is accurate, but it is a great place to start.

Good luck

Nau te raurau,
Naku te raurau,
Ka ora ai nga tangata!
Together we will get there!

Posted : 05 March, 2005 5:01 pm
mered OWC
Active Member

I know there was to be held a family reunion this christmas for the Poi whanau not sure whether it is still going ahead or not would be great to know if it is and where it is to be held another site to look for the Poi whanau is on the manuel jose site as the Poi whanau descend from Manuel Jose from the East coast

Posted : 30 March, 2005 7:48 am
muunz OWC
New Member

Kia ora kimo

We share the same grandparents. Our grandmother is also my namesake (Miriama Poi Moon nee Ormsby). You are my first cousin and the first one I know of out of this huge whanau of Ormsby's. I don't know anything about either of these whanau as I was born and raised in Hokianga (my mother is Ngapuhi). I have only just been in contact with my dad over the last couple of years but we haven't yet discussed whakapapa. Would love to hear from you.

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Posted : 14 August, 2005 10:49 pm
terehi OWC
Active Member

I'm having a problem with my ORMSBY whakapapa, too. It is that i don't know my grandmother's siblings. She was Elizabeth (Rihi, nee ORMSBY) who married Tame Rawiri TANGITU. She may have been a sister of Charlie ORMSBY?

The ORMSBY of Tauranga are generally descended from Gilbert (Kiripato) and Raiha (nee MOORE). Many of their descendents are Mormon, the religion Gilbert & Raiha converted to when they lived at Rotoiti, apparently?

Gilbert's son, Eruini (Edwin) and Te Ripoi were the parents of my grandmother Rihi.

If you find yours please post it here. There are many supposed genealogists in this whanau yet i have found none who wish to share the whakapapa with me. Kia ora koe!

Posted : 27 December, 2006 5:03 pm
Aubry OWC
Active Member

Contact Dennis Ormsby (04) 233 1928 in Porirua, he holds a huge collection of the Ormsby Whakapapa and will share it with you. Kawhia is the main area for this Whanau although Tauranga is just as connected.

If you still have a problem, contact me by private email in the first instance. I hold whakapapa as I relate to the whanau, but it sits on my other computer which is currently being serviced.

Posted : 28 December, 2006 9:15 am
mumsy OWC
New Member

Kia Ora

My Great grandmother was 'Te Ao Kauirangi Poi' of Tikitiki. She married 'Pirika Pepere' also of Tikitiki 'Porourangi'. The whanau homested was right next to the marae 'Rahui'. Across the road up on Pukemarie is the poi whanau urupa. At Rahui marae... The wharenui is called 'Rongomai Aniwaniwa' and the wharekai is called 'Tawhiwhirangi'
Iwi 'Wahine Iti'/Ngati porou

Kia Ora whanau

Posted : 30 December, 2007 9:50 am
mumsy OWC
New Member

Waka...Nukutaememeha me Horouta

Posted : 30 December, 2007 9:56 am
Active Member

Teena koe Kimo,
here's a link that may help with your request[url] http://www.manueljose.org.nz/kataraina/whaka_kataraina.html[/url].
This is the Manuel Jose whakapapa, and is open to all descendants of Manuel Jose, of whom you are no doubt a descendant.
If you require more info, there is a book called "Olive Branches" which is written by Bob McConnell. If you require any further info, Bob still lives on the Coast, I think in Tiki or Te Araroa, I can't remember.

Kia ora

Posted : 30 December, 2007 9:18 pm