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Poi Whanau ties: Ormsby, Hawkins, Walker, Koia, August  

Panipani OWC
Active Member

Kia Ora,

The Poi whanau has ties with these families: Omsby, Hawkins, Walker, Koia and August. They fit into the whakapapa as follows:

Pine parents[b/]
Te Rukukupenga ~m~ Maata

[b]Hihi father and mother[b/]
Pine Haerewa ~m~ Miriama

[b]Hanakawhi father and mother [b]Teo father[b/]
Hihi/Titi Haerewa ~m~ Ihipera Hihi Poi?

[b]Mother[b/] Father
Hanakawhi Haerewa (Rangitukia) [b]Teo-Paipa/Tuteri Poi (Poroporo)[b/]

(f) Miriama ~m~ Omsby
(m) Te Urikore ~m~ Hiria Kiekie Grant (My line)
(m) Te Ringatu
(f) Paerata ~m~ Hawkins
(f) Kaku ~m~ Walker
(m) Pene (black) ~m~ Sarah Koia
(m) Neoma (Tat) 28th Maori Bat.
(f) Charlotte ~m~ August
(m) Hona

This is what I have found out, if one of the extended whanau has the whakapapa of the Poi whanau could you please email me or leave a post.

Thanks - spread the word

Edited by - Panipani on Jul 31 2006 8:18:41 PM

Posted : 10 June, 2006 12:36 pm
kauellen OWC
New Member

Kia ora

I am trying to find whanau to my grandmother who was Horiana Houkamau Haerewa. She to was from Rangitukia but have no idea who her whanau were and who if any were her siblings. I remember talk of her having a sister who married a Poi. Just wondering if there is some connection with your whanau. My grandmother was married to Hewa Tihore, first marriage and then she married my grandfather who was Ratunui Te Tawhiro of Omaramutu, Whakatohea.

Posted : 31 August, 2007 12:01 am