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Raglan Rohe - Tainui Awhiro  

K.Te Keepa Rata Te Awe OWC
Active Member

Kia ora e te whanau,

Haihai te po
Haihai te ao
ite te ao
ite te po
Tiihei Mauri ora !!
Ko Mahuhu ki te rangi te Waka
Ko Tokatoka te Maunga
Ko Ngati Whatua ki te Kaipara te Iwi
Ko Uriohau te Haapu
Ko Toko Rata Keepa me Makiari Pihema Karena ooku maatua tupuna
Ko Taruke Te Keepa Rata me Elsie Te Awe Wright tooku matua
Ko Leslie Te Keepa Rata Wright me Patricia Austin tooku matua
Ko Kim Te Keepa Rata Te Awe Tooku Ingoa
Tena koutou katoa, kia ora

I am searching for my g grandmother's whanau whom I've been told was from Raglan, and related somehow to Eva Kereopa nee Rickard. My kui's name is Makiari Pihema Karena. I've not been told much about my Nanny's side as she lived her life with my Koro in Nthland, Whangaruru and Matauri Bay. Any assistance to put me on the right track in searching for my Tiipuna would be highly appreciated, also to the living whanau who we need to be connected with to keep our whanaungatanga alive and well for the next generations to come.

kia ora

Posted : 06 September, 2006 4:49 pm
Eminent Member

Kia ora k. te Keepa Rata Te Awe,
I was wondering if you minded I had two questions, first I wondered if you had any korero on your kui's Pihema name? And the other is about the Keepa, or Te Keepa name. One of my tipuna nan's is Hemo Te Keepa, and on a different line one of my tipuna papa's is Hone Pihema, I just wondering if any of these names sounded familliar to you or your whanau. Kia ora

peaceful regard

Posted : 08 September, 2006 2:12 am
K.Te Keepa Rata Te Awe OWC
Active Member

Kia ora Jax,

My whanau does have the whakapapa for the Keepa whanau, and I will ask them for you, personally I'm looking at our "missing" lines, the missing links as such, seems to be my priority as researching whakapapa is huge. I have not yet learnt the whakapapa myself of Te Keepa whanau, but I do know my older aunties all talk about them alot. I do know they came from Whangaruru and Matauri Bay. Kukupa was an Ariki from Nthland, East Coast of Nthland.

Sadly, I don't have much korero about my Kui except she came from Tainui but lived in the Nth with my Koro and his whanau, sadly I don't think my Kui went back to her home much, if at all. There is korero within the whanau that when Raglan golf course went under dispute when the crown wanted to dig up an urupa, this upset my kui greatly and this was the first time she really spoke about her people from Tainui, sadly also, I never got to meet my Kui, and I rely on information from my Aunties, unfortunately, they don't seem to know anything at all, except her name and she was from Raglan.

Kia ora.

Posted : 08 September, 2006 12:37 pm
tei iri rangi taituha OWC
New Member

kia ora i have read all of the comments and found names that are familiar , but i too am searching my whakapapa , my tipuna also come from raglan my nana tipuna were buried on the golf corse, my nana names are herepo , irirangi , tana, hipora, and one more,eva rickard is my great grand aunt my mother was whangai into the family of irirangi when her mum hipora passed , mum ses nana herepo raised her up on the maunga where the family batch has been renovated by one of my auntys ,herepo.my mum has very old photos that she had copied after her mum passed , mum refurs to nana herepo as mum and nana irirangi as the old lady , my mother always talks about the old days mainly because she was raised way back n thoese days , i have gaps in my whakapapa because of her memorie. my koros name is whareponga who is my nana father who is the brother of te riri mauroa taituha hoeta his sisters name is amohia whom i have photos of said to be taken in ireland , gee they must have bee rich maori to own a camera back then , mum said my koro was a tohunga and was once a chief, to chiefly for me to have that name mums sisters moaned , but mum was favoured but the aunts. we are related to the kereopa, hoeta,maniapoto,riki, and lots more , i have not been to raglan for a while and have not met one of the last nana , nan isabel who is nan herepos daughter who is well in her 90 ive met her daughter i morrinsville by fate rosa she is in her late 60 if you can tell me more if we are related or if i have mention any of ur tipuna pls get back to me
much love aroha nui

Posted : 06 July, 2007 1:38 am