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TipeneR OWC
New Member

My grandfather was Te Manu a Ti Tapu (Manu) Ransfield (Ranapiri) from Rotorua and my grandmother was Te Maire Tamihana. My mother was Pare ue Ransfield known as Poly and her sons or my brothers were Wiremu Ransfield now disceased. As i was not brought up with the family i was adopted out and would like to know some family history of both the Ransfield and Tamihana side. These are the Ransfields from Rotokawa. maraes Pikirangi and Rua mata in Rotorua. Please help. Kia Ora

Posted : 24 April, 2007 1:24 am
pcsourcepoint OWC
Active Member

My mother in-law was also a Pare Ransfield (now deceased), and her daughter and my partner is a sylvia (Hiwa) Ransfield. Her other children are Amy, Elaine, Robert, and Rodger.

Pare's father was a Robert (Bob) Ransfield. She has or had many brothers - Bob (Bobby), Paul, Taru, Turei, Kevin, Leo, Boydie, and Peter. Also a few sisters. Pare's mother was from Rotoiti (I can't recall her full name).

The family are largely based around the Whakatane, Taneatua, Kaingaroa area. The main marae being Roimata/Kutarere marae. I think her father was from the Rotorua area. Check the maori land court (MLC) site and then mlol within that site. Type in Pare Ransfield and three Pare's come up (I think) - One may be your mother. Also email MLC and ask if they have any info about your mother - e.g. land transactions that may have other family names that are related.

Also go to the Maori trustee site and download their unclaimed money list (pdf document), which may have relevant names. Then go to NZ Archway Archives (Google it) and do a simple search with any relevant names...


Posted : 31 October, 2007 8:35 am
Active Member

i know the ransfields. I live just down the road from pikirangi and ruamata. I am actually a ransfield also, but way back, via thomas ransfield (the original), and then his daughter Erena, then hihiwa, then my great grandfather and so forth.

I can connect you with my friend who's mother is a ransfield. he is in rotorua and is very up on the wider familys of yours

Posted : 31 October, 2007 10:52 am
raukawaflow OWC
Active Member

Kia Ora My name is Liam Paki

My Kuzzins are Ransfields My dads Sister Married Turi Ransfield which is Pares Brother. If you would like contacts with them i have details for you.. You can contact me at liampaki@hotmail.com cheers

Posted : 29 December, 2007 10:26 am