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SYLVA whanau: want a copy of Nana Mona's memoir album ref birthday notice 12 November 2004  

ngati_kuri@hotmail.com OWC
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From: Rozita_L (Original Message) Sent: 19/12/2004 1:38 PM
Kia ora whanau do you want your copy of Nana Mona's 60 page memoir album?

It is a compilation of Sylva photos from the 1st Sylva who came from Portugal in 1865 and intermarried here in NZ and 7 future generations..

The original cost of the 60 page album was $1.50 per page for a laser print = $95.00 + the album $29.00.
However if 5 or more whanau are interested, the photocopy shop is offering to reprint copies for 1/2 price of the $95.00 = $47.50. The amount must be prepaid to me and ordered before the end of December.

Have you seen the album?

Family members who have already viewed it are; Ihaka Sylva, Isaac Sylva (Mehaka Hiriwa), Priscilla Huakau, Ngaio Wilson, Pare Tauariki, Waimirirangi Tauariki, Mei Cowan, Moera Lina Sylva, Marguerite Leoni, Ted Henry, Polly Henry, Lucina Henry, Missy David, Sonny Epere, Marie Sylva and Rex McClenaghan.

Please contact me ASAP on 09 846 0245 or 021 460245. Postal note by mail or cash in person accepted.

If you are not picking up your copies, please include A4 prepaid post envelope with your name and address on it.

The album was purchased in The Wharehouse A4 scrapbook for $12.99 + 4 sets of scrapbook refills at $3.99 = $16.00. Total: $29.00

Pass on this notifcation to the rest of your family please.

Posted : 19 December, 2004 3:23 pm