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Dianne H
Active Member

A friend of mine would love to find out where he is from, he was adopted and has recently been given some names but we do not know where they came from. The main link is the name Wiremu Tarapipi Tamihana approx 1802-1866 some of his other Tupuna names are....Tamangarangi, Haua, Kahoki, Mataroa, Purangataua, Parepaora, Tangimoana, Rangi Te Wiwini,Pare Te Kanawa, Te Manuae Tamihana, Taehuia, Tupu Tainga-Kawa Tamihana. Does anybody have any information on where these names are from or any information at all, I would love to be able to help make our Brother feel a whole person with a sense of belonging instead of drifting not knowing who he is.... Many thanks in advance for any help you can give

Posted : 09 April, 2007 9:44 pm
nikki OWC
Active Member

Kia ora. Your friend is Ngati Haua. Ngati Haua iwi includes the areas Waharoa, Morrinsville, Tauwhare, etc. Wiremu Tamihana was one of the king makers. My partner is Ngati Haua not me so I don't have too much info, though I do know a bit. I can give you his Mum's number if you like? She's onto it as with Haua whakapapa, etc. Or you could try Raungaiti Marae at Waharoa, Tauwhare Marae, Waimakariri, Kaiatemata or Rukumoana Marae both in Morrinsville - any one of those would have lots of info for you. By the way, my partner's niece's name is Taamangarangi (it's the name of the wharekai at Tauwhare too). Let me know what you need to know. I'd be happy to help. Another thing I do know about Wiremu Tarapipipi (it's spelt like that not Tarapipi) is his daughter's name was Petiwaea Te Raumako (another neice's name). Kia ora.

Posted : 17 April, 2007 4:48 pm
Sugababie OWC
New Member

Kia Ora, Being Ngati Haua myself I can tell you many of my family are Thompson's. I can't be sure when they were Tamihana's, but they have adapted to the Pakeha version of their name. In saying that..there are still whanau out there that have kept the Māori version. My family and I are from Rukumoana and Kaiatemata. I am a Wetere myself.
But one of the nannies from there could possibly help you futher.
Wish You Luck!

Posted : 10 July, 2007 4:07 pm
cablen OWC
Active Member

Thompson, Tamihana....

Don't know if people are interested but I'm working on a job on Tamihana's pa at Karapiro. I lose track of the landowners after the 1864 military confiscation (I have a 1865 survey plan which the specific bit missing), but by the 1920s the landowner was a J. J. Thompson. Is it possible that he was directly related to Tamihana?

Posted : 24 July, 2007 10:50 pm