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Te Pehi Turoa  

kuri OWC
Active Member

I was just doing a haki nohi on the ebay as you do on a Sunday, when I chanced upon this up for sale. Please folllow the link to see the Magic Lantern hand coloured image.



Please insert the above into your browser or double click the link above to see what I am going on about

I found this on ebay and although I am not whanaunga I know that someone out there is, I feel this needs to come home to whanaunga who will treat this with the respect it due.

Regards all


Edited by - kuri on Aug 19 2007 6:04:34 PM

Posted : 19 August, 2007 6:01 pm
Te Ikatere OWC
Active Member


Nga mihi mai oha ki a koe e hoa,

2 much cuz, thanks for that, my inlaws will be wrapped and im sure they are bidding for it right now.

So on behalf of them "kei runga noa atu koe"

Thank you bro for the chance to return our taonga

Naku iti noa
Te Ikatere

Posted : 20 August, 2007 10:36 am
Nga Hau e Wha OWC
Active Member

Kuri did you search for the other items jumbuk has for sale of signifigance to Maori. Do you think he is an Antique dealer and... do Maori have any property rihts over these being returned to us rather than them being an 'ebay' item.

Any lawyers out there willing to give us advice??

Does this come under intellectual property rights images of our people??

32 items found Save this search
Show only: Items from seller jumbuk

Vintage 1900 New Zealand Maori Glass Slide WAHINE US $9.99
See description 1 7d 04h 16m
Vintage 1900 New Zealand Maori Children Glass Slide US $10.51
See description 2 7d 08h 04m
Vintage 1900 New Zealand Maori Photo Pic Glass Slide US $9.99
See description 1 7d 08h 05m
Vintage New Zealand Maori Pic Glass Slide TOHUNGA US $9.99
See description 1 7d 08h 06m
Vintage 1900 New Zealand Maori Photo Pic Glass Slide US $9.99
See description 1 7d 08h 55m
Vintage Antique 1954 Australian Tube Radio Catalogue US $24.99
See description - 7d 10h 10m
Vintage late 1800's NZ Maori Chief PEHI TUROA Photo US $19.99
See description 1 8d 22h 21m
Vintage New Zealand Maori HAKA Photo Pic Glass Slide US $9.99
See description 1 8d 22h 23m
Vintage New Zealand Maori Weaving Photo Pic Glass Slide US $9.99
See description 1 8d 22h 26m
Vintage 1900 New Zealand Maori poi dance Glass Slide US $9.99
See description 1 8d 22h 37m
Vintage 1900 New Zealand Maori HONGI Glass Slide US $9.99
See description 1 8d 22h 40m
Vintage ROTORUA GEYSER New Zealand Maori Glass Slide US $9.99
See description 1 8d 22h 44m
Vintage WAIKITE GEYSER ROTORUA New Zealand Glass Slide US $9.99
See description 1 8d 22h 45m
Vintage 1900 New Zealand Maori girls Glass Slide US $9.99
See description 1 8d 22h 48m

Posted : 20 August, 2007 12:31 pm
Topia@Atutahi@Tamati OWC
New Member

Thank you for this info i'm a direct descend of Te Pehi, an was so disgusted to see it in this manner on ebay, but i will b letting my whanau know to get this back.

Posted : 20 August, 2007 2:47 pm
kuri OWC
Active Member

Kia ora;

I am hoping that this taonga does make it home, and yes I did see all that jumbuk had for sale as you saw they were all part of a NZ Government Collection that Jumbuk has...it was Te Pehi that leaped out at me.

All of the slides you have mentioned Nga Hau E Wha should be bought as part of cultural heritage, they all are our taonga as that world was stripped away and a "picture paints a thousand words".

I would put my bottom dollar on the fact that none of the sitters signed "releases" for their images use.

Perhaps our hapu or iwi should get together to start a fund for these kinds of artefacts that hold the image of tupuna, with the respect they deserve.

Send me a PM if your going to bid on Te Pehi so that I don't.

aroha tino nui


Posted : 20 August, 2007 4:20 pm
ngati_kuri@hotmail.com OWC
Eminent Member

Kia Ora whanau

Does anyone have access to legal advice please on this matter?

How did Govt archives become an 'auctioneers' delight??

Posted : 27 August, 2007 4:16 am
ngati_kuri@hotmail.com OWC
Eminent Member

I remember reading apost recently about a offer of a taiaha on Ebay Does anyone know what became of that discussion. What next shrunken heads finding their way onto Ebay??

Posted : 27 August, 2007 4:19 am
kuri OWC
Active Member

These items were probably sold by the government back in the early 20th century after the Government had finished using them for publicity/education purposes overseas.

At the time cultural sensitivities regarding Maori would not have been high on the agenda, after all the powers that be at the time saw themselves reflected in the mirror of the British Empire as socially advanced and educated.

I note that this kind of cultural insensitivity is still rampant today when US forces in Afghanistan air drop footballs from helicopters with verses from the Koran printed on the surface with the name Allah on an object that is designed to be kicked with the foot across the dusty ground!!

I think that horrendous as finding these items on Ebay or other sites are, we must weigh up the opportunity to regain taonga that would otherwise be sold or traded privately.

This week I discovered a Goldie Portrait oil copy for sale of Tainui warrior Te Aho dated 1902.

What the provenance of this item is I do not know, perhaps the starting bid at 2000 is too high, the seller should be questioned closely, and asked to verify by statement of authenticity that the work was produced in CF Goldies studio otherwise the item could be produced by other means given the technology available today.

In which case it potentially is not of the same standard Te Pehi Turoa glass slide.

I should have written before that it is wise when dealing with the Auction system to not bid till the last minute and then bid big, strike once but strike hard! There is no need to make a show of your intention and drive others competitive nature.

Posted : 27 August, 2007 4:46 pm
patutokotoko OWC
Active Member


ko matiu Haitana taku ingoa
no Waimarino ahau
Maganui a te ao taku awa
Ruapehu taku maunga
Te Pehi Turoa te Tangata
ko Te Tawhero Tupakaa raua ko Ngati Parekaahu Tukaiora aku Tupuna
Ko Ngati Ruakopiri(aka Patutokotoko) raua ko Ngati Tumanuka aku Hapu
Ko Uenuku te Iwi

I am currently an assistant researcher for an Oral & Traditional Historical Report for the Central Plateau for the Whanganui District Inquiry Hearings in the Treaty of Waitangi

have done a fair bit research on the Turoa dynasty

I cant say if thats Te Pehi Turoa 1 who died in 1854 or Te Pehi Turoa 2 who was also known as Te Pakaro Turoa a son of Te Pehi 1.

This is a beautiful Picture though and what i do have is a picture of a grandson of Te Pehi 1 and a son of Te Pehi 2, Topia Turoa who looks very similar to the picture on the lamp.

I have claims lodged against the Crowns injustices in the Waitangi Tribunal and have begun the hearings now

The legal firm who represent Uenuku / Patutokotoko / and other hapu of the Central North Island is Rangitauira & Co. which is Annette Sykes and Jason Pou I will let them know about your concerns as I tautoko your whakaaro on this issue.

Please feel free to contact me

Matiu Haitana
09 5762250

Posted : 26 November, 2007 7:38 pm