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Te Rangiata,niece of maniapoto chief,Te Kanawa.and the mother of Annie Laurie.  

cynthia peek OWC
New Member

I am a direct descent of Te Rangiata and wanting to know the name of my marae and hapu,and any other information Pertaining to these tipuna.

Posted : 05 August, 2005 11:37 am
jwilliams OWC
New Member

Hi Cynthia,

We may have talked before, but I can't remember. I too am a descendant of Te Rangiata (I think). I have a website about Annie Laurie at


Can I ask you how you know that Te Rangiata is Annie's mother? If it was from me or my site, that information it probably true, but by no means certain.

Posted : 31 January, 2006 10:13 pm
tutu OWC
Active Member

Hello jwilliams,

My husband is also related, though the name we have is Te Rangiina - as being the daughter of Tuhoro Te Kanawa. I am assuming that she is the same (I could be wrong?) Her siblings were Peti Herewini and Wiremu Te Wheoro.
Would like to hear from you.
My e-mail address is jllusis@actrix.co.nz
Kind regards

Posted : 14 December, 2006 7:12 pm
Dayvee OWC
New Member

Kiaora Cynthia,I also have her as Te Rangiina.If you want her mothers hapu it is Ngati Hinetu from Kahotea,however if it is her fathers, there are many hapu you trace back to and so many marae you can claim as yours eg Ngati Hine of Okarea,Ngati Naho of Rangiriri Ngati Hikairo of Waipapa(Kawhia) to name a few.Naaku iti noa Dave

Posted : 15 January, 2007 8:51 pm
mermaid OWC
New Member

Just to add to the confusion... I have a book called Whareangaanga Te Kanawa - He Whakamarumaru Mo Te Whanau 1992 by Te Muri Turner (nee Te Kanawa).

This book lists Tuhoro Te Kanawa children as

(F) - Poihaere
(M) - Meihana Tuwhainoa
(F) - Parekaihina
(M) - Te Kare
(M) - Tuwhainoa
(F) - Tauke

It is my understanding that Poihaere was also known as Rangiaho and was a junior wife to King Tawhiao. If Poihaere is, in fact, the person you are referring to she is listed in the 1908 Ngati Maniapoto Maori Voters Roll as Ngati Uekaha and living at Otorohanga.

Posted : 04 January, 2008 7:58 pm