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te rau o riwa  

te rau oriwa OWC
New Member

any whakaaro on this name TE RAU O RIWA would help

Posted : 07 December, 2006 1:16 am
Hinga Whanau
Active Member

Kia ora Te Rau O Riwa,

There is a Te Rau Kurei O Riwa listed on the Latter Day Saints website: www.familysearch.org. Female born 1919 in Opotiki and died 5 May 1980. When verifying this search just type Riwa in the last name and set the country to New Zealand.

Hope this helps.

Posted : 07 December, 2006 9:48 am
Hinga Whanau
Active Member

And by the way,

You can also put the call out on www.oldfriends.co.nz and try a search on www.maorilandonline.govt.nz.

If these fail to yeild anything you can also drop a line or email to your local Iwi (many of whom are online) or contact the local church to view the registry.

Posted : 07 December, 2006 9:52 am
maniapoto_jack OWC
Active Member

Kiaora Te Rau o Riwa,

First he patai taku in all humility, where did you obtain this name? to ingoa? he tupuna pea?

The sister of a tupuna of mine was named Te Rau o Riwa, she was of Ngaati Tahu a iwi around the Reporoa, Kaingaroa area, close to Tuuhoe lands. With that a friend of mine from Tuuhoe has another female tupuna named that too. I dont no wat it means i must ask her as im sure she will know. But i think it comes from Tuuhoe

Posted : 08 December, 2006 6:05 pm
Chris Huriwai OWC
Active Member

There is a church marae called te rau oriwa in christchurch that is attached to Te Hepara Pai church, while the name could be a tupuna name in tuhoe from what i know it's roots are in the bible.

You see towards the end of the great flood Noah sent out a dove from the ark to see if the land was dry, the first time he sent out the dove it came back with nothing as the waters were still covering the land, but the second time he sent the dove out he returned with the branch of an olive tree in its beak which told Noah that the waters were subsiding and that there was hope once again for mankind.

Since then the olive branch or "Te Rau Oriwa" in maori has been a symbol for hope for many people world wide, thats also the reason a lot of curches and relegious paintings and stain glass windows depict a dove with a branch in its mouth.

Hope this helped 🙂

Posted : 12 December, 2006 9:38 am