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THOMAS, Bayden Anaru: Peita WHARETOHUNGA/ Tamati PEITA  

tewaiari OWC
New Member

Kia ora,

As far as what has been passed on through my whanau (Thomas/Peita) in Porirua City, very few of us are well endowed with the knowledge of where our bloodties lie.

Consequently, Im in search of my heritage from my grandfathers fathers side.

I am non-christian and therefore do not use karakia, however, I have asked my tipuna in spirit for mana to make mention of what my family hold sacred in this post -namely the names of my forefathers and marae/waka-.

I assure you that this is not an attempt to make sacriledge to tikanga or tradition but moreso an effort to re-affirm the kaha of my family through gaining knowledge that could be long forgotten if i do not act now.

Nga toki matawharua te waka
Pangaru te maunga
whakarapa te awa
hokianga te moana
te rarawa ngapuhi te iwi
te wai ari te hapu
tepuna ki te ao marama te marae.

From what I gather from my great uncle, is that my grandfather's grandfather was Tamati Peita of Pangaru who is either the son or grandson of Peita Wharetohunga descended from the sister of Hongi Hika's sister, Mariu.

Here is all I have in regards to my grandfather's father's line of descent and am unaware of how accurate the account is:

Wharetohunga - Mariu (nee. Hika?)
Peita Wharetohunga - Huihana (nee. Hoard -america-)
Tamati Peita - Phoebe (nee. ? -Wales-)
Rameka Peita - Wiha
Gregory Thomas - Whakarereihorangi (nee. Pera)
Gregory Thomas - Anne (nee. Forward)
Bayden Anaru Thomas

If anyone can assist in my journey and clarify anything with regards to Wharetohunga/Peita whanu i would greatly appreciate it.

My email address is bayden.thomas@lecom.co.nz

Posted : 22 August, 2006 11:44 am
atate OWC
New Member

Bayden can you give me a call
concerning the Peita's which i have for you...along
with your new e-mail address...
i try to seen attachment to you .... it was sent back to me...
my e-mail address is atate@slingshot.co.nz
hope to hear from you Alby

Edited by - atate on Mar 05 2008 5:43:14 PM

Posted : 29 February, 2008 1:43 pm