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THOMPSON, Marley  

Marley OWC
New Member


I am seeking information with regards to tracing my family history. I am an Aboriginal Australian with Maori blood from my Grandfathers side. I believe the Maori connection is through whalers that travelled from the Sth Island of NZ across to Australia - perhaps in the 1800's.

I come from the Sth Coast of NSW a little community called Jerrinja or what is also known as Roseby Park. this community is where Maori and Aboriginal people lived (is a reserve) and intermarried.

Names are a bit sketchy all I have is, Longbottom (this was my Grandfather's last name), Amatto (I'm not sure where this name came from but my Uncle was telling me this family were whalers from the Sth Island. That is all the information I have.

I am very familiar with my Aboriginal family and would love to find out more about our other ancestry. People often say I look more Maori than I do Aboriginal (I don't think so but people tell me this).

A friend and I were looking at the map of New Zealand and suspect it could be the southern communities, but not sure.

Any help or tips on where to go would be fantastic. I would love to plan a trip to NZ to meet people and learn about my ancestry more.


Posted : 02 July, 2007 10:50 pm