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WAIKATO, Raiha  

Moana Wetere OWC
Active Member

Kia ora,

I am looking for information on my nana Raiha Waikato who married Hare Maihi, more commonly known as Charlie Marsh of Waikaaretuu and Nga Puhi. I was told she was from Huntly and also Kawhia. I know that her parents were Tauwhare Waikato and Huanga Tukioi and her grand parents were Ranana Waikato/Waikato Ranana and Hemoaka Paki a.k.a Heva Paki. what i wopuld really like to know is, did she have ay brothers and sisters? and my hapu and marae affiliations.

Naku noa

Posted : 26 March, 2006 9:24 pm
iakoba OWC
Active Member

Kia Ora Moana,

With these names your Hapu would definetly be Ngati Whawhakia, Kaitumutumu Marae in Huntly, Kaitumutumu Marae is located on Te Ohaki Road, you will be able to find it easily its just down the road from the Huntly Power Site where the 2 big chimneys can be seen for miles. At the moment the Marae is under huge renovations so you should keep an ear out for the opening of the new buildings going up. I am assuming that your great grandfather Tauwhare Waikato took his fathers first name as his surname, which alot of Maori were doing in that era, the same thing happened with my grandfather, Andrew Wetere Kenny - his father is Kene (Kenny) Putere or Purua and Kene married Tiini Wetere Te Paki whose father is Wetere Te Paki who is the brother of Hemoaka or Hera Te Paki who would be your Great great grandmother. Unfortunately Moana I do not know any of your nanas (Raiha) brothers or sisters - is that what you are asking? Im not too sure.

Posted : 08 September, 2006 11:57 pm
hinemako OWC
Active Member

Kia ora Moana,
Cousin Yvonne said it all regarding Hemoaka but i would like to take you back to your Original Hapu which is Ngati Te Ngau Ngau, your papakainga is Kaitotehe but yes Cousin up thea has given you the Marae that stands now, my info goes back before Te Puea's Time but now its being raised because our Whanaunga Tuheitia TE PAKI sits on the throne and holds my his fathers Line our true Hapu Ngati Te Ngau Ngau......
As for Raiha Waikato the Waikato whanau are of Ngati Pou Hapu and hale from Horahora Marae Rangiriri.

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Posted : 09 December, 2006 1:12 pm