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Chief Te Pahi, of Aparima  


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07 April, 2013 10:27 pm  

Kia Ora, help please im new to this but Im trying to trace our whakapapa and i have come to a hault at Cheif Te Pahi and his wife Piki i have found Pikis ancestors (excluding her iwi etc) quite a way back but nothing more for Te Pahi he lost his life when his waka and about 40 on board, capsized in the Foveaux Strait. Just wanting to know where we are from i have been researching for like 5years, and this last 6months i have finally got somewhere 🙂 we are decendents through his daughter Hinewhitia who eventually married John Williams and the lived around the Aparima area and Cosy Nook. Anything will help and i hope i did this right 😀


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30 December, 2016 2:19 am  

Kia ora smckenzie

Te Rakiamoa was a twin brother to Waewae who the Hapu of the west coast derives its name from. He is the son of Turakautahi and Te Aowharepapa with Te Aowharepapa being the granddaughter of Marukaitatea. The house at Takahanga Marae in Kaikoura is named after Marukaitatea and all those that whakapapa to Maru has voting rights there. Marukaitatea is a great grandson of Kuri.

Rakiamoa’s wife was called Te Korerehu, who was a daughter of Waimatuku and Te Rakikokonui. Waimatuku is the child of Mako and Te Ropuake with Mako being a brother of Marukaitatea. Te Ropuake is a daughter of Te Rakiwhakaputa with Te Rakiwhakaputa being a grandson of Kuri. Te Rakiwhakaputa is the progenitor of Ngati Wheke whose marae is at Rapaki.

I am related to Tee Whee Ariki, who was a sister to Te Wakatitiro and auntie to Piki. Totoki married twice and is a first cousin of Te Whee Ariki, who was his 2nd wife. Tutuke has hapu associations as Ngāi Tūāhuriri, Ngāi Te Rakiāmoa, Ngāti Wheke & Ngāi Te Ruahikihiki as well as Ngatihuirapa and older Waitaha and Kati Mamoe whenua. I have a copy of a Genealogical Tables - The Southern Districts collated with whakapapa by NZ government doing land purchases) and it would seem Piki has an Otago and Murihiku whakapapa. As Te Pahi is only mentioned as Piki’s husband his whakapapa may well be predominantly Canterbury based.

You mention Hinewhitia who eventually married John Williams – I see in the 1848 Blue Book their daughter, Anne Williams (hapu: Ngatihuirapa) has blue book number 1094 and member of tupuna in File 343. Contact the Ngati Tahu Whakapapa Unit for further assistance, especially about Te Pahi.
Nga mihi Angie