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DAY, Violet Emily & APITIA, Mihi Rangi  


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26 May, 2012 8:34 am  

The two ladies above married my two grand Uncles,both brothers from Kawhia.
Violet age 30,married George Augustus Thomas Thom around 1906.
George was the eldest living child of 7 siblings,including my grand father.

Mihi Rangi Apitia married Henry Edward Lawlor Thom (nick named Harry).
Henry was the 2nd youngest of 6 boys.
They appear to have married 14 Jan 1908 in Kawhia.

Little is known about our two grand uncle's,other then the above marriages.
We do not know weather they had any family's or if any are alive today.

The name Apitia was seen in resent times under the Whakapapa of Toarangatira.
In the beginning the name was Apitia Apitia and his son was named Apitia.

Recently at a hui at Waipapa I heard a maori woman give her Maori name as ?? Apitia.

This proved to me that some where out there the name Apitia was still being used.

My hope is that someone out there may know who these other Thom's are if any,and perhaps they may come though ether the Day lines or the Apitia lines with that information.
Fingers crossed.

Only time will tell.

Thanking you. :worship:

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26 May, 2012 2:47 pm  

Kia ora raw,

I have just got off the phone to my sissy who is very good with whanau from that area.

We suggest that maybe you contact a John Day, he is on the ahu whenua for Aramiro, a marae trustee for Aramiro as well as the kaumatua on the kauhanganui. He may be able to help you with the Day connections.

Sissy has not heard of Apitia but knows that there are alot of Apiti around Kawhia - maybe they are the same whanau?

Good luck! 😀

Nau te raurau,
Naku te raurau,
Ka ora ai nga tangata!
Together we will get there!