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Herewini; Donner, Nuku, Wi Repa, Rautangi & Gundry  


Baby Steps
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12 September, 2014 10:58 am  

Trying to trace the above families, Julius Dunlop Donner married Hueta Aneko Lucy Herewini, their son Jules Dunlop Donner married Mereana Nuku & I believe had 20 children. He died in Whakatane.
Mary Gundry married Romio Wi Repa. Possibly around the Opotiki area.
William John Gundry married Keterina Kateruri Takoto (& various spellings) again around Opotiki & later Kate married George Matchitt. Also have the name Koretin Eka.
Margaret (Makareta) Rautangi married William Richardson Gundry (Northland area).
Any help to unravel all these families would be much appreciated.

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12 September, 2014 10:13 pm  

2 names I'm familiar with all with in the Opotiki area's, both have ties with the Terere Marae in Opotiki, Lower Waiawa Marae just East of Opotiki & Opape just down the road and Motu areas 20 odd km further on down the road to the East..

There was a Stan Herewini who lived down the Otara straight just Southeast of Opotiki.
Stan had connections to the people of the Terere Marae as did James Matchett.

One time I and a few others had to dig a grave in the Urupa across the road on the beach side of Lower Waiawa.
The chap that pointed out the spot was James Matchett.
James used to live down near the Opotiki High School back in the late 1970's.
He had a number of boys and one daughter from memory.

Just before the Motu bridge on the West side a milking family of Herewini farmed the river flats and milked cows in that area.

In 1974 we had a Corporal in Linton Camp who was called Kim Herewini whom I was told had retired to the Te Kaha area's.

So you see some where in that district you will find some of your answers to your quires I'm sure.