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Manihera - Maunu, Tirarau, Renata, Raumaunga....  


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25 August, 2012 12:21 pm  

Hi guys

I am trying to connect some dot's in my Whakapapa - I have a Tirarau Manihera as TRUSTEE for my GG uncle Para Manihera, I SUSPECT that Tirarau MAY be a SON to either Renata or Raumaunga Manihera....really looking to connect with some Manihera descendants who might be able to help.

The time frames with the above names is LATE 1800's & early 1900's - centered around Maunu, Whangarei - Mangakahia, & Poroti etc.


Edwards "Teri family", Rewi, Tawhai, Ruka, Ngapine, Johansen. Poroti, Waima, Takahiwai, Northland. Te Uri Roroi, Te Parawhau.

Te Rangikotama
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31 December, 2012 12:01 am  

Where the old town hall in Whangarei stands, (somewhere around where the Courthouse now is?) used to be Te Iwitahi's pa, the father of Renata Manihera (if I recall correctly). The pa was named Pihoihoi I think. You can email me back if you are interested and I can search through my scraps of papers and see if I can find that snippet of information I have somewhere. Definitely a Parawhau line and generally known in and around Whangarei. 19th January there is a whakapapa wananga for the Treaty Claims business. It will be held out at Mangakahia I beleive. You'll find some bones out at that no doubt. Best wishes with your search.