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Piti Porutu, Henare (Henry Pitt) Looking for information on marriage of his eldest daughter Emma, t  


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17 August, 2012 9:27 pm  

My great great grandfather Hannibal/Orlando Winnie married the eldest daughter of Henare Piti Porutu, brother of Ihaia Porutu Te Awa Iti chief of Wellington District. I understand the Porutu family did not approve of the match. I'm looking for information about the marriage, the relationship between Hannibal and the Porutu family and any stories surrounding the whole situation (although I know it's not a happy one). Since the Porutu family were a high profile family I'm hoping some stories or information have made their way down through time. The wedding of Hannibal to Emma Piti Porutu took place Valentine's Day, 1877 and she died January 31st 1878 in childbirth. Can anyone help please?

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21 September, 2012 8:14 am  

hi just wondering if you have had any luck with your enquiry the best people i suppose to contact would be the Puketapu whanau from Waiwhetu in Petoone. good luck