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Ranginui and Matakatea  


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14 January, 2013 10:43 pm  

I am searching for information regarding my grandfather and Great Grandmother.

His name was Watene Ranginui and his mother was Miriama Mataka(tea). I have a date of 1856-11 Sep 1956 for Miriama.
Her mother was Ruta te Kiri Totara.
My mothers name was Miriama Valda Ranginui.

Watene had 8 siblings being Hinewai, Teuri Wiki, Ruta, Ngakawe Noni, Tau Watene, Wiremu Kingi and Ngahina Lassie.

Any information would be helpful.
Thank you

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30 January, 2013 1:40 am  

Continuing on with further information,
Miriama Matakatea's spouse, Patupere Ranginui was also known as Patupere Ngaringa aka Patupere Paraone. His Tribe was Ngati-Apa
Miriama was also known as M Hori Ngatai. She was from Levin and also from the tribe Ngati-Apa, Muaupoko. From the information I have, Miriama Matakatea had 5 siblings whom were Wiremu T Matakatea, Roka Hanita, Parawhenua, Winara and Te Hore.

Any information would be helpful. 🙂

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11 February, 2013 9:13 pm  

Found some info for you.
Miriama Matakatea born 1859 died 1956. (BDM death record 1956/38779 Ranginui Miriama Matakatea 97Y)
at Matahiwi Whanganui NZ, Tribe or Sub-Tribe Ruaka, Female as Miriama Ranginui.
1 source citation NZ Electrol Roll Western Maori

Patupere Ranginui born 1858, death 1936 aged 78 (BDM death record 1936/27344 Ranginui Patu 78Y).
Bankrupt 3 Oct 1900 aged 42, Storekeeper of Levin then on 5th Dec 1990 bankrupt discharged due to coming into some Maori land. found on the Paperpast website.

Watene Ranginui born 1891, death 1952 aged 61 (BDM death record 1952/36783 Ranginui Watene 61Y).
Married 1922 age 31 to Te Hemopaki Te Aranga. (BDM marriage record 1922/7832 Te Hemopaki Te Aranga Watene Ranginui)

You can order the BDM records online and these usually have other info on the family as well.
I have some info on some of Patupere and Miriama's other children mainly the 4 youngest. Hope this helps and I will keep looking. Christine

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23 May, 2013 2:02 am  

It has been a while since I have read the postings on the whakapapa club site due to researching family in my husbands line. I did say to him the other day that it is about time I continued the search for my own whanau....then I get an email from a relative asking for information on my grandfathers side....Rautahi...I promptly gave her as much information as I could and then gave her the name of a tribal book she could refer to or even buy online as I did....Rangitane, a tribal history by J.M. McEwan. Then tonight I am pleasantly surprised that someone is asking about my grandmother's side of the family...Matakatea...my mother is Waimaria Rautahi, her father was Hiraka Rautahi and her mother Ruta te kiri Ranginui. In effect your grandfather, Watene is my grandmother's brother! It definitely is a small world. I have photo's of both Ruta te kiri 1 and her daughter Miriama Makakatea. Please contact me by email so we can continue this discussion I have lots more to share...karenb5@hotmail.com