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RITETE, Whakaeke (Jim)  


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12 April, 2012 8:04 pm  

Kia Ora Mere: Jim was my uncle and my mother was Mei his sister. Their mother was Meti Meka but she went under the name of Natana Hira who was Meka's tuakana. Hamiora Ritete was an Apotoro of the Hahi Ratana. Both he and Meti are buried at Waiaua. Hamiora's father was Ritete Kaweka and that tupuna's father was Kaweka from Waimahana and their hapu was Te Aukiwa. Hamiora's mother was a woman called Miriama and I understand she was a Paratene or Broughton. It's a while since I have seen the whakapapa so I'm not 100% sure. When Eva's husband Wilson died in Hamilton Uncle Jim was there with his sisters Moenoho, Mereana, Mum and Aunt Suzie. He opened up to me about his time in the 28 Maori Battalion. He went to Greece in the first lot of soldiers. He was in the HQ batalion as a despatch rider on a motorbike. The bike hit a mine and he was wounded. He crawled into a cave and was captured. He was in a prison camp in Italy and later in Germany. I wish I had a tape recorder. All of this story he told me was in Te Reo. When he came back both he and Uncle Dough worked for Hector Busby building bridges. Uncle Jim also had a brother called "Whakaeke (Ben) Ritete. He's buried at Kenana and he died young. We never saw him. Ritete is the Maori transliteration of Richard.

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21 July, 2012 2:53 pm  

[url= http://whakapapa.maori.org.nz/forum/viewthread.php?thread_id=39]RITETE Whanau[/url] is the thread where Mere asked her patai.

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