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Tapuae and Keepa  


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15 April, 2013 8:25 pm  

I am trying to trace my Grandfathers family - Bill (William) Tapuae
His mother was Maata Keepa
His father was Te Koeti Tapuae?
Maata siblings were Reweti Keepa, Hikito Keepa, Matenga Keepa, Waewae Keepa
Maata children were Hiriweteri Ruanui (Male) Te Koeti Tapuae (Male) Kahu Ruanui (Male) and Waha Rerekura (Male)

My grandfather was also known as
Hohepa Te Koeti Tapuae
Te Kaeti Tapuae
Bill Tapuae

Maata Keepa was also known as Taura Rangitauira or Taura Rangitauira or Taura Mata
I think Maata's mother might have been Tahukumutia Maata Keepa
I think her father might have been Aporo Renee Herapeka

I think someone else was looking for Ka'urangi Te Waewae Keepa & I think this is Maata Keepa (my great grandmothers sister).
I am looking for any information anyone can give me about my grandfathers parents & any other family members.

We are not 100% sure if it is Tapuae Te Koeti or Te Koeti Tapuae. We may have the names around the wrong way. I think Tapuwae Te Koeti and Billie Te Koeti worked up the Whanganui river in farmers shearing around 1915-1916.

Te Keepa Tahukumutai (along with Erueti Te Rangituhiata, Reone & Tapu) donated land to Pipiriki Maori school. Some might remember that?

Maata Keepa drowned aged 62 in Whanganui river about 5 miles below Pipiriki in June 1946.

I think Haumapu was the father of Matenga Keepa so he might be Maata's father as well?

I understand Maata Keepa was the last person living at Te Poti in the cottage. I understand Bill Tapuae use to live there & go to school from there. I am hoping someone may have anything that may help us.

thank you for your time.

Rachel Adams

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23 April, 2013 2:34 pm  

Have been to land court & found that Tahukumutia Maata Keepa is a male. I think this is my Great Grandmothers father. I think her mother is Hirapeka Keepa.
I think Tapuae Te Koeti is my Grandfathers father. He may have also been living in Levin, Otaki?